8 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Professional Voicemail Message

Purpose of Your Professional Voicemail Message

The main goal of your voicemail message is to keep the caller interested in doing business with you. Getting a recording instead of a live person is often frustrating. According to Harris Interactive 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent. However much of the annoyance a caller feels when they reach voicemail instead of a real person can be alleviated with the right message.


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Enhance Your Professional Message for Voicemail

According to an American Express survey “We’re sorry, but we’re experiencing unusually heavy call volumes. You can hold or try back at another time” and similar phrases are among the things consumers most don’t want to hear. Try a different approach with your voicemail message. Here are 8 ways you can improve your professional greeting for voicemail:

Provide product information to your callers: Rather than leaving a message that only informs callers you aren’t available to answer the phone, provide some information about your products or service. Relay useful tips related to your business that shows them what you have to offer and how you can benefit them.
Offer industry related information: Use your voicemail message to dispense industry related information that may be useful to them. Tips that benefit callers will be appreciated and remembered even if not directly related to your products
Inform callers of changes in your business: Let callers know about upcoming sales you may be having or other events in your voicemail message
Inspire callers: Begin your message with a quote or anecdote that is inspiring, instructive or enlightening. Callers to your business may appreciate the boost and could even get others to call to hear your message.
Provide fun and interesting facts about your business: Depending on your company callers may be interested and entertained by some facts about the history of your business
Get your callers involved: Request some of your best customers to record a brief testimonial you can include in your voicemail message. They will likely appreciate the fact you value their testimony. It is possible they even have some of their peers call to hear the testimonial they have recorded for your business.
Entertain your callers: Put some humor into your message. Tell a joke or do an impression. Just be careful that your humor doesn’t offend anybody. Callers who are put on hold will be less likely to be annoyed or frustrated if you amuse them while they wait.
Script and rehearse messages before recording: Before you record your message write down what you want to say and practice it a few times. You will be able to deliver your message more naturally.

A good voicemail message should improve the overall customer experience. As Kate Zabriskie put it: “Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will.” To keep your competitors from gaining an advantage hire professional voice over services like our company offers and benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts in the field.

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