A Checklist For Professional Voicemail Greetings

Purpose of voicemail greetings

professional voicemail greetingsVoicemail may often be the first contact somebody has with you or your company, thus determining the impression they have of you. You want that first impression to project the image you desire personally and professionally. It also serves to convey certain information to a caller such as office hours or whatever else you consider necessary. Another purpose is to relay to the caller what information you would like to hear from them. Asking a caller to leave their name, message and call back number is a fairly standard example but there may be other information requested. With the importance of first impressions and relaying information, many people have taken to using professional voicemail greetings.


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Points to consider in professional voicemail greetings

In preparing professional voicemail greetings, the contents of the greeting, tone the greeting takes and the actual voice must all be thought about. Professional voice over voicemail greetings may be called for to get just the right tone desired. A short list to be used as a guide line in making a professional greeting follows


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  • Make a script. Once you know what information you want the voicemail to contain write out a script that contains that information
  • Rehearse the script out loud until you are comfortable with it.
  • Make a practice recording to see what it sounds like. The script can be adjusted at this time if there is something that doesn’t sound quite right. You might also have somebody else listen and get their opinion. Keep practicing and correcting until satisfied with the way it sounds and comfortable with your delivery.
  • Make the actual voicemail recording. This is much like doing the practice recording but people have a tendency to become nervous when recording something they know will be listened to. Speak slowly and clearly in the tone you wish to convey. Listen to the finished result and record again if not satisfied.

Ensuring quality voicemail greetings

To be sure of getting just the right professional voicemail greetings to represent you and your company and give the right impression you might consider using a company like ours, whose professional voice recording services include providing professional voicemail greetings. We have script writers available that can take the list of things you want included in your voicemail greeting and write a clear concise message that presents the information just how you would like it to be presented. Voice over voicemail greetings using one of our voice acting artists will make the right impression on anybody contacting your voicemail by using just the right tone. We have a fast production time and an easy online ordering process as well as customer support 24/7 as part of our standard service. All voice over production is 100 percent guaranteed to meet your voicemail needs.

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