Can You Trust Cheap Voice Over Services?

Are there cheap voice over services available?

cheap voice overOne of the major considerations for anybody looking for foreign voice over services is affordability. Everybody has budget restraints that they must stay within, and often these are shoestring budgets that don’t have a great deal of funds allocated to them. An affordable voice over that also meets high standards is desired and that is what our company excels at doing.


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Services expected from a voice over company

When you start to look for a company to provide cheap over services, as a customer there are certain things you expect that company to provide. These would include:


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec
  • Script services and creative support. Whether editing a script provided by you or writing a new script that meets your requirements we offer the services of professional script writers who can build and add to your ideas to get the best possible script. This is the framework which your voice over project will be built on so it is crucial to get it right
  • Voice type. Deciding what is the best type voice to get the message that your script conveys across to your selected audience
  • Locating and hiring the voice over artist with the voice you want
  • Recording facilities with modern digital equipment and the necessary engineering types and technical support staff to provide a polished finished voice over recording of the highest quality
  • Voice over recordings completed to your schedule and delivered on time

Standard services in cheap voice over production

Our company provides all of the above but we also take additional steps to ensure your satisfaction. Easy online ordering so that the process is not difficult or time consuming. We also offer around the clock customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you aren’t left hanging when you have a question or concern. Some of the top foreign language voice acting talent and translators around make up part of our team should their services prove needed. Our strengths show in every step in the voice over recording process. Where some companies may specialize in one area or another, you could say that our specialty is specializing in all areas. That specialization extends to making affordable voice over rates available to all customers.

Securing affordable voice over services

To assist in the choice of voice over services we make available samples of some of our work in order that you may judge for yourself. A prospective customer also will have access to testimonials from past customers to help them in making a decision. The final step we take is providing a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on every voice over recording. This reflects our confidence that our cheap voice over services can be trusted to provide all of your voice over needs.

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