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A voiceover is a process in which the original audio recording is covered up with a duplicate voice of some other language to narrate the same message in a different language. In a French voice over process, the original voice of the recording is replaced with a voice over in French to get the same message delivered in the French language as the message was in the original language.


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

Q: How do I avail voice over in French service?

Our online voice over services are very easy to be availed by you. You need to follow a few simple steps like visit our website, search for the actor whose voice you wish to get recorded over your job and then place an order via our website. After your submission of the order, we begin our process with the selected actor to get his voice recorded.

Q: Whose voice is used for a voiceover and how do I choose the voice?

We have a team of various actors who have pleasant voice and are trained to modify their voice to match the tone and pace of your voice. Before placing order for an online voice over, you are asked to choose the desired actor, which you can choose after listening to the samples of their voice. You can choose the voice that you wish to be recorded for the video that you are placing an order for.

Q: What is the cost of an online voice over service?

The cost of the service online voice overs depends entirely on your selection. Various factors considered for the cost are the length of the recording, actor chosen, language preferred and others. For instance, if you choose to avail service for voice over in French, then you will be priced slightly higher than other languages, since matching the tone and pace in French language is more difficult than others. But, we ensure you that our services are available at affordable prices that won’t cross over your budget.

Q: What are the options if I don’t like the result of your online voice overs service?

We provide a money back guarantee with our services of voice over in French and other languages. If you don’t like the quality or the content of the voiceover in French, you can voice over in frenchget your money refunded. This facility is provided to ensure you that we will take utmost care of the content and provide results with the best quality. Till now, we haven’t received any request for any refund because we work hard to provide you with the best that we can.

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