How To Choose The Best Kids Voice Over Talent

When to use kids voice over

kids voice overSometimes in a voice over project it may be determined for some reason that a child voice over talent is better suited to the project. There are many adults doing cheap voice over work who have childlike voices that may suit. This can be desirable in that adults tend to be more professional in most cases and easier to work with. On those occasions where an adult with a child’s voice doesn’t suit, then you must look into hiring some kids talent.


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Points to consider in using kids voice over artists

Working with child voice over talent as opposed to adults provides some differences. Being children they are limited as to when they can work. They may have school hours to contend with. If young enough they may not be able to read so a child with excellent memorization skills is a benefit. It is likely that if you are dealing with kids talent you will also be dealing with at least one of that child’s parents as much as with the child themselves.


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Some guidelines to working with kids voice over talent

A few things that can make dealing with child voice over talent might go a long way towards obtaining better overall results in producing voice over recording services. Some of these are as follows

  • Don’t speak down to them. Children are quite bright and may resent being spoken down to just like anyone else.
  • Take breaks. Children, especially younger children have short attention spans. Breaking sessions up can help in alleviating problems and keep the child from losing interest.
  • Set the scene. Much as you might do with an adult, let them know who the voice over is meant for. If it is feasible let them listen to other voice overs you liked.
  • Be prepared to do more than one take. Don’t allow frustration to show if it requires more takes than you may have expected. A child, even when hired to do voice over work, is still a child, and may become flustered and upset if they see adults showing frustration with them which won’t help their performance.

Fining the best kids voice over talent

The best route to take when looking for qualified kids voice over talent to meet your needs, might be using the services of a professional voice over company like ours. We deal with child talent on a regular basis and part of our service is knowing which kids are capable of providing the voice you need as well as familiarity in working with different child talents. When working with us to provide your voice over needs we guarantee every voice over recording we are responsible for.

For you this means removing the difficulties usually associated with working with child talents, and makes us the ideal choice for your kids voice over talent needs, so contact us now!

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