How to Create a Voice Over PowerPoint

PowerPoint remains the favorite tool by those who are planning on a presentation because it is easy to use. What changed is the fact that there are now more templates and more tools for you to use just like inserting a voice over in your presentation. Voice over PowerPoint certainly deviates from the normal slide presentation but can have a big impact to your audience. However, it’s a bit tricky to get the voice over down pat unless you are already an expert.


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How to do Voice Over PowerPoint

If you are planning on making a voice over PowerPoint presentation, choose a slide where you wish to insert your voice over. Go to the Slide Show tab which is in the Set Up group then click on Record Narration. Adjust the level of your microphone through Set Microphone Level. Click OK once you are done with the narration if you wish to embed the file into the slide. You can then decide if you wish to save the narration along with the timings of your presentation or cancel it if you wish to do this manually. Make sure that you run your slide to see if the voice over works properly.


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Professional Voiceover PowerPoint

Inserting voice overs in a slide presentation may sound easy but there is a certain art to it that only a handful can accomplish. Many have tried doing voice overs using their own voice but end up losing the interest of their audience because of the quality of their work. If you want your presentation to make an impact to your viewers, you should let our experts help you out. We offer quality professional voice overs for PowerPoint presentations at the best price possible.

Expert Voice Over Talents

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