How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation with Voice Over

Do you want to know how to make a PowerPoint presentation with voice over? You’ve come to the right place as our experts can help you build a powerful voice over presentations. Voice overs can add impact to your presentation especially when they are done right. Although there is no harm in doing the narration yourself, it pays to have an expert read your lines for you. This is where our voice over service comes in.


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How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation with Voice Over

  • Prepare your equipment – when recording voice on PowerPoint you need to have the right tools and equipment on hand. This means microphone and other recording paraphernalia.
  • Create your presentation file – you should create a folder where you will be saving all of your PowerPoint files including your audio recordings.
  • Click Record Narration – in PowerPoint choose Slideshow then from the menu choose Record Narration.
  • Adjust settings – you should adjust the microphone level to ensure that the quality of your audio is good.
  • Start recording – just click on the Record Narration then click on the box located in the bottom corner on the left side of the window named Link Narrations In. Link Narrations In allows you to place your audio file where you need it.


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How to Make a PowerPoint with Voice Over with the Experts

There is nothing wrong with hiring a professional voice over service like ours to help build your PowerPoint presentation. For one thing, you will be dealing with professional voice over artists who can help make your presentation that more appealing. We can also help you develop your PowerPoint by integrating our audio files to the slides that you wish them to appear. All that you have to do is place an order through our website, choose the artist you wish to work with, and you’ll get your order done in no time.

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Aside from learning how to make a PowerPoint with voice over on your own, you should also consider hiring a professional voice over service in case you need help. You can get the experts working on your presentation even if you are on a tight budget because we offer the best rates there are.

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