How to Make a Whiteboard Video that People Will Share?

how to make a whiteboard video

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Do you need to know how to make a whiteboard video?

Explaining something using a pen and a whiteboard is not just applicable to the classroom. More and more site owners and trainers are turning to the whiteboard explainer video as a method of educating their visitors and clients. There are several sites out there that have regular whiteboard videos that they publish to get the visitors to their sites and they will often gain many followers and a lot of search traffic from these videos. These whiteboard videos also have the chance to go viral if you are able to explain something well. But creating a good whiteboard video is not always as simple as it seems. There are few people that have the drawing skills required to do the required illustrations and not everyone’s voice is up to the task.


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We can help create your whiteboard video

The illustrations for your whiteboard video do not need to be drawn at the speed that you often see within other peoples videos, nor do they necessarily have to even be drawn by hand. There are many ways to improve your whiteboard videos from speeding up the video so that it looks like you drew something very quickly when in fact you took a lot of time over it and you can even use software that provides realistic sketching. Like any other video your whiteboard video can be created as a series of individual scenes that you stitch together and then add a soundtrack to after. This allows you better control over what you do and a far more professional finish to your video. For the explainer voice over video you will also need a set of software in order to synchronize video to audio track. Our professional video voice over services can provide you with everything that you need for your whiteboard video production:


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$14.39/30 sec


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  • Video script writing that can be synchronized with the timing of the video
  • Script translation for multiple languages
  • Selection of suitable voice actors for your production
  • Voice over recording in high quality audio
  • Dubbing of your white board video
  • Subtitling services

Our staff know how to make a whiteboard video

From the script writers to the actual voice actors we use only highly qualified and very experienced staff to ensure that your video is exactly the way you want it. You can choose from a wide range of different voice actors on our site by listening to recordings of their voices until you find the one that is perfect for your application. Our voice over actors are:

  • Available from young children through to senior citizens
  • Male and female actors
  • Fully experienced at providing affordable voice overs:
    • Correct pacing
    • Correct microphone placement
    • Avoidance of breathing and other sounds
  • Different accents and dialects available
  • A wide range of delivery styles for your presentation

We guarantee our whiteboard video services

We know how to make a whiteboard video or cartoon voice overs that are going to get shared and will engage your site visitors. We offer a full range of services from initial scripting through to final production work all done through highly professional qualified staff. Our services are completely flexible and can provide you with as little or as much support as you need. All of our work is covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantee and we will always deliver within your stated deadline.

So if you want to work with a professional voice over service that knows how to make a whiteboard video just contact our professionals here online.

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