Commercial Voice Over Scripts

Commercial Voice over Scripts for the Right Effect

Voiceovers are required for several purposes. Hence, the quality of voice should match with the script. Our commercial voice over service has a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in specific voiceovers . Therefore, when you have a project at hand and have to complete it in a short duration without compromising with the effect, you must consider our services. You will get the best assistance with your project. Even though we know how to perform our tasks without any error, we believe in involvement of our clients at every step. We know that as a author, you know what impact you actually desire during the voiceover and this is why we let you select a voice that you think is best for your project.


Choose your smooth voice over from professional female voice over talents.


Find your best male voice in variety of our male voice over demos from professional actors!


Check amazing kids voices from young voice over talents!

The Best Voice over Text Services

We offer both male and female voiceovers and hence, you will find all desired solutions on one single platform. While on one hand we are dedicated to providing high quality voice over for varied commercial scripts, we also assist our clients in writing appealing scripts according to the theme and situation. Our team works closely with each client and ensures that you get the best output. Our strengths are:


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec
  • Expert actors: We have been serving clients in best possible way and this is why we hire people who excel in their field. The actors are the most important people in the chain and hence we pick those who have the potential. The actors understand the requirements before beginning with the task and hence give the best.
  • Sound quality: Once you come to us, you do not have to worry about the sound quality. We use latest equipments to ensure that the output delivered matches with your expectations.
  • Editors: Even though we have experienced actors, we do not take any risks in any project. This is why we have a team of editors who put in best efforts to improve the voiceovers and ensure error-free results before it is delivered to you.

Voice over Commercial Text at Affordable Prices

Yes, we provide the best commercial voice over services online but this does not mean that you need to pay a fortune for it. We offer best prices as well. The costs vary according to the project and the kind of voiceover you need. When you compare our packages, you will not find an alternative providing the kind of services we provide. Thus, whenever you begin with a project involving voiceovers, you can benefit from our services.

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