Simple and Effective Voice Acting Tips

Selecting the best voice for your voice over recording

voice acting tipsThe voice over acting artist is critical to obtaining a good voice over recording. This may seem obvious but it is an area where many that are having voice over work done make their biggest mistakes. When selecting a voice for your recording you are wanting to match the voice with your message and how the message is meant to be conveyed. Will it be a male voice, a female voice or that of a child? What tone do you want your recording to set such as serious, funny or sad. This and many other factors must be considered before settling on the type of voice to use in a voice over. Then a professional voice over artist who performs with the type of voice you have decided on must be located. Voice acting is a profession and as with any field of employment requires that the people involved it approach it in a professional manner.


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Some voice acting tips for successful recordings

Regardless of what type of voice a voice over artist has, or what type of voice over work they will be involved in, there are some simple voice acting tips that will prove beneficial to any artist.


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  • Keep the mouth moist by drinking plenty of water
  • Exercise your voice to improve enunciation and articulation
  • Do cardiovascular exercise for better breathing
  • Don’t just read a script. Perform it as if speaking to somebody or as if there is an audience.
  • Avoid nose and tongue jewelry as these can add small clicks and other noises that recording devices may pick up that are difficult to edit out.
  • No cell phones. Aside from the fact they can cause interruptions, they may also interfere with electronic recording equipment

Voice over acting is a job and should be treated as such.

Hiring an artist for voice over work

The voice acting tips somebody looking for an artist to perform a voice over for them might consider can essentially be boiled down to just one. That would be to hire a company such as ours that specializes in doing voice over work. We have a vast pool of artists to draw on for any type of voice a customer might need, We not only are able to select the perfect voice for your recording, but can assure you of the professionalism of our artists. They will show up as needed and perform as necessary. Our voice over service is the best in the field, and we back that up with a 100 percent guarantee on every voice over job. We also guarantee jobs completed on time and provide 24/7 customer support to address any concerns day or night.

With easy online ordering and very affordable rates, contacting our company for any voice over acting is the only tip you need for obtaining quality voice over recordings!

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