The Technique of Spanish Language Dubbing

Why do I need Spanish language dubbing?

Spanish is one of the world’s most common languages and is widely spoken across North and South America as well as parts of Europe and other places. Therefore if you need to communicate with your customers or potential customers in these places it may be necessary to use Spanish language dubbing to provide a Spanish language voice over jobs to things like advertisements or corporate promotional videos. However you will need the services of a professional company to provide you with experienced voice over actors as well as the actual recording and dubbing.


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Where can I find an experienced Spanish voice talent?

The Spanish language has a number of different dialects and accents so you will often find it hard to find exactly the voice you are looking for. In addition to this you have to select a Spanish voice talent that is appropriate for your purposes with regards to the age, sex and even the tone used. Finding the right actor for Spanish language dubbing can mean the difference between success and failure for many projects.


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

We provide you with a very wide selection of actors who vary from very young children through to much more mature actors of varying ability and accent. You can listen to samples of their voice right here on our site to find the right voice for your projects.

We can provide all your Spanish language dubbing

From providing you with the right person for your voice over to final production word we can help you through the whole process. We can even provide you with script translations, proofreading and advice on those scripts. We hire only true qualified professionals who pride themselves in the quality of their work and aim to ensure that your project will be completed error free and will be of the highest quality.

We guarantee your full satisfaction

We monitor every step of our process and are very proud in providing the very best at every stage. From time to time though problems arise and we want to hear about them. No one can be perfect always and we look to learn from every issue. We will work to resolve any problem that you perceive and will fix them to your full satisfaction or we will return your purchase money.

We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with your Spanish language dubbing so contact us today for the most professional and cost effective quality Spanish voice actors service available today.

Our professional Spanish voice over is ready to assist you!

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