Thinking About on Hold Messages for Business? 9 Reasons Why It’s Time to Start!

Use on Hold Messages for Business Calls

One area of business that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves is “hold time.” That is the time from when a customer is put on hold when they call your business until they get to speak to a live person. It is important that you make good use of this time in order to keep callers from losing interest in doing business with you. Almost half of first time callers who hang up do not call back.That represents a lot of lost opportunities and potential customers. Effective use of on hold messages will cut down on the number of callers who do hang up as well as improve overall customer service satisfaction.


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Reasons for Using Business on Hold Messages

There are a number of reasons for a business to make use of on hold messages. Here are 9 good reasons why you should use on hold messages for your business:

on hold messages for businessReduce caller frustration: On hold messages will cut down on the number of caller hang-ups. It is frustrating to call a business only to be put on hold, listening to dead air. Having an on hold message lets the caller know they haven’t been disconnected. They will be encouraged to wait longer resulting in fewer hang-ups by those people who have been put on hold.

on hold messages for business serviceProvide useful information: Provide useful information such as giving callers the answers to questions that are commonly asked. This could be your office hours or some other questions that your customers or potential clients often ask when they call. You will save both your time and that of the caller.

on hold messages for business companyCut down on lost business: When a caller hangs up after being placed on hold you may be losing a potential customer. On hold messaging will cut down on the amount of business you lose due to frustration and hang-ups.

on hold messages for business helpPresent a professional image: Providing useful information in your professional voicemail message makes your company appear more professional and concerned about customer service. Present yourself as an industry leader that puts customers first.

on hold messages for business exampleYour competitors are doing it: Although you probably don’t want to copy everything your competitors do, if it benefits both you and your customers it makes sense to use on hold messaging and prevents your competitors from getting too much of an edge on you

on hold messages for business sampleCallers will be placed on hold: Like it or not you will have to place callers on hold sometimes. The majority of businesses report that 70% of all calls they receive are placed on hold. It is better to plan for it and gain from a situation that is going to happen.

on hold messages for business examplesUpdate callers on changes: On hold messages can be used to inform callers about changes in your business. Extending your hours for the holidays? Having a sale? Keep your customer informed on what is going on with your company through your on hold messages.

on hold messages for business onlineInform callers about your products and services: Provide useful and informative information about your products and services the caller may not be aware of. You can also inform them if you are introducing a new product.

on hold messages for business tipsIncrease sales: By taking full advantage of on hold messages and using them effectively you will increase the amount of business you do by providing better service and through increased customer satisfaction.

Don’t Miss out on a Marketing Opportunity as Our Expert Advises

“On-hold messages allow a company to market to the caller while keeping her on the line. A phone company can use on-hold messaging to tell customers about a new service or feature; when the caller reaches a live person, she has an immediate opportunity to ask about a feature mentioned in the message. On-hold messaging also allows a business to connect a caller with information about and access to ordering a product or service immediately, increasing the chances the caller will buy it. Essentially, it’s free marketing with little additional cost to the business and instant listeners.” Anna Assad of Studio D

According to information provided by North American Telecom “Callers with silence on hold will abandon calls in less than one minute, 90% hang up within 40 seconds. Callers with information on hold will stay on the line for up to three minutes longer.” Using a professional cheap voice over talent like the one we provide ensures you make effective use of on hold messages for business calls to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

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