Using 5 Custom on Hold Message Strategies Like the Pros

Develop a Custom on Hold Message Strategy to Improve Your Business

That short period of time between when a caller to your business is put on hold until when they speak to a live person can be critical to your business. Approximately 7 out of 10 business callers are placed on hold and the average hold time is 38 seconds. The on hold message you use can determine whether the caller hangs up or becomes a satisfied customer. You need to develop a strategy for how callers who are put on hold are handled that prevents you from losing business and potential clients. Make effective use of the hold time so that it works to your advantage.


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Message on Hold Service Strategies to Consider

How you approach your business voicemail message strategy will depend on the type of business you have and the typical caller you deal with. Here are five different strategies that you may be able to adapt to your particular business:

custom on hold messageKeep callers updated: Your on hold messages can be used to let callers know about any changes in your business they may be interested in. If you are going to be running a sale let callers know about it in your on hold message. Maybe you plan to extend your business hours over the holiday season. Inform callers that you will be open longer during the holiday season. On hold messages are a good way to update callers on changes in your business while they wait.

custom on hold message helpProvide information about your products and services: Use your on hold message to provide helpful information about your products and services. Your customers may not be familiar with everything you have to offer them. Use your message to introduce the caller to products and services they may not be aware you provide.

custom on hold message tipsEntertain and inform to avoid losing customers: The majority of first time callers who are placed on hold and hang up without ever speaking to a live person don’t call back. These are all potential customers that you are losing. Reduce the frustration callers feel when placed on hold by providing some interesting anecdotes or facts about your business to prevent hang ups that result in lost business.

custom on hold message exampleIncrease sales: Use your on hold message to promote your products. Let callers know how using your product can benefit them. When done correctly you can increase sales while also preventing callers from hanging up when placed on hold.

custom on hold message examplesProvide answers to commonly asked questions: Many businesses receive questions from callers who ask the same questions. If you know what those questions are you can provide the answers or at least tell them where they can get the answers such as on your company website. It may be that the caller won’t even need to wait to speak to somebody to get the information they were calling about.

Putting callers on hold is a necessary part of doing business that nobody likes. However, rather than accept it as a negative use it to your advantage.

“Your on hold messaging services can help callers make better buying decisions. After all, 16% of callers make purchases based on something they heard while on hold. That’s 1 out of every 6 callers! Go ahead… count your calls. One… two… three… four… five… BAM! That last caller heard something on hold that will affect a buying decision.” Bruce Livolsi of On Hold Marketing

The on hold message strategy you use can boost your business or hurt you if not done properly. Use a professional and cheap voice over services like the ones our company provides to develop an effective custom on hold message strategy that increases sales and improves customer relations.

So if you are looking for the best help with your custom on hold message just contact our highly affordable and reliable services today!

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