Voice Over Actor Dawn

Nickname : Dawn
Age : 27
Country : UK
Exptertise : Knowledge in custom voice overs, commercial voice overs, and narration.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

I’m from London, England, and I’ve just recently gotten started in the voice over industry with CheapVoiceOver.biz. I already love the work that I’m getting, and have gotten some quick experience in providing custom voice overs for various different customers. In less than a year I’ve already worked on commercials and narration for companies abroad, both in the UK and in America. I like to bring a certain energy to the project that I’ve given, that sets me apart from other male voice over talent. When I complete a project I make sure that I’m fully prepared and that I’ve got the knowledge and the energy to bring everything I’ve got the voiceover. I also pride myself on the wide range of my voice and the many different things that I can do with it and work with. I can range easily from more upbeat and excitable scripts to more serious ones, and I always make sure that my final results are fully professional and bring something fresh and exciting to the script.


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