What is More Attractive to the Clients: Female Voice Over or Male Voiceover?

Information you need to know before you decide what is more attractive to the clients: female voice over or male voice over?

Often you will find people who have been delegated with the task of coming up with the perfect voiceover for their company arguing as to whether to use voiceovers of female artists or male artists. However, this should not be made into a big debate as it all depends with the type of content you want addressed in your voice over as well as many other things.  You should therefore make sure that you do not just choose the female voice over just because you like the female voiceover in question, no, there are number of things you need to consider first before you finally come up with the perfect voiceover that will be perfect or your company needs. Below are some of these things you need to consider before you decide on what is more attractive to the clients: female voice over or male voice over? And this is why you need to ensure that you follow us to the tail end of this post if you are interested in getting to understand this information.


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What you need to consider before choosing your voiceover to be male of female

One of the first things you will need to consider is what type of content is to be used in the voice over you intend on getting to promote your products and services. There are certain words that once used in a voiceover require a female voice over and there are others that require male. You get to know this by simply consulting with the marketing people or you could just compare your voiceover and other type of professional voice overs from other companies and use this information to judge as to which type of content requires a male and which one requires a female. This should therefore be your first step in determining what type of voiceover is perfect for your voiceover needs.


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Another approach that you may take in determining whether you choose a male voiceover or a female one is the intended target of your voiceover. You will notice that if your target is the males, you may find it quite necessary to catch the attention of those males by deciding to use a voiceover who is a female and the vice versa should also be the case. However, this should also depend on the type of products and services your company offers. Take for instance your company deals with products that are used by women like for example beauty products, it is very obvious that the best voice over to handle these needs will be that from a female since she will be able to bring out what will be expected from the voiceover without experiencing any difficulties whatsoever.

Choosing of voiceovers made a little easier

If you are also intending to make a voice over video, these are some of the things you will need to consider before settling on the specific type of voiceover you want handling your voiceover needs. The choosing criteria should be the same and therefore this should not be a problem for you. Surely with this information on what you need to consider when deciding what is more attractive to the clients: female voice over or male voice over?, you will now have an easy time in determining what type of voice over to use in your proposed voiceover files. It is for this reason that you need to make sure that you follow these guidelines in achieving your goal of getting to come up with the perfect voiceover that will get to achieve the set goals by your client.

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