10 Best Apps for Voice Over Recording

When you’ve got an amazing voice that you can use for all kinds of cheap voice over work, it’s a real shame to have your work rejected because of its poor recording quality. By making the most of the best app for voice over recording, you’ll make sure that your stellar vocal qualities translate into top-quality work of which you can be very proud. Check out these top 10 apps and see how you can really kick start your career as a vocal professional.


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Choose the Best Voice Over App

What you consider to be the best voice over the app for your needs really depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. Each of these awesome apps addresses one specific need at a time, so you might end up using all of them to some degree. Check out the 10 apps below and see where they lead you in your career as a voice over artist.

Vocal Warm Up provides you with all the exercises you need to make sure that your voice is up to the task at hand every time. Although you may not be a singer, working on your voice in this way is the best method of keeping your voice in check. Just as you would oil any tool, you need to make sure that your vocal cords are in good health, and this app is the way to do it.

Easy Voice Recorder is just as simple to use as the developers suggest. It lets you record your voice using high-quality file formats and you don’t even need to remain in the app itself to continue with your recordings. The pro version offers a few extras that might be worth your time and money, and the option to use a Bluetooth microphone is of particular note.


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

iAudition has been specially developed with the help of voice over professionals. As such, whenever you get a call about a job, you can sit down and record your audition right away. Sometimes it’s vitally important that you send off your audition tape before anyone else gets a look in, and this app makes sure that you’re in with the best chance of getting hired for your next voice over job. When you email your audition, it’ll arrive readily formatted into MP3 format.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio offers a multi track and MIDI recording solution that is really second to none. There are options to include more than 250 different virtual instruments, letting you create the perfect sound effects to go along with your vocal recording. This studio app really lets you come into your own as a vocal artist extraordinaire. You’ll be able to create audio samples that blow your rivals out of the water.

Twisted Wave Audio Editor is the companion app to the revered waveform editor available on the Mac. Although waveform editing might seem to be a little more difficult using a touchscreen rather than the more versatile mouse, this app actually makes it rather easy even for novices. You can isolate your best bits and create an audition file that’ll get you the job every time.

Actor Audition is perfect if you need something of a pep talk before you go in for your audition. It’ll assist you with your technique so that you come across as unique and yet exactly what is expected of the casting team. It has a tongue twister section as part of its preparation module, meaning that your voice will be well-oiled for any audition that crops up. Finding an app more comprehensive than this one is going to very hard indeed.

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Voice Over Self Direction is an important addition to your arsenal as a vocal performer as you really have to know how to push yourself to the next level without the need for external stimuli. You can consider this app your very own personal vocal coach and it’ll quickly become an indispensable part of your preparation regimen.

Voice Tutor is an app that works like your very own vocal coach as it provides lessons to help you maintain and improve your skills. It features a diagnostic tool that gets to the bottom of any trouble you may be facing, and then it’ll help you work on your issues until your voice is pitch perfect.

Voice Analyzer Pro provides you with a visual representation of your vocal range, allowing you to make your own steps towards correcting any flaws you detect. The only way to truly eliminate mistakes is to analyze them yourself, and this app allows you to do that with ease.

Intro to Recording Audio is exactly what it purports to be. This app provides all the information you could possibly need to learn how to record your own audio tracks, whether you’re a musician or a vocal performer, this app will teach you everything you could hope to know.

By choosing the best app for voice over recording purposes, you’ll highlight the greatest qualities you can offer your clients. Make sure your recordings are of the highest caliber at all times when you choose the finest voice over the app or video voice over app specially designed for professional use. Any one of these 10 options would be perfect for your needs and it’s all a matter of picking the one that you like the most.

Open up a whole new range of possibilities when you download the best app for voice over recording. Make the right choices in your career and watch it grow by the day.

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