10 Cool Video Voice Over Apps

Making videos to post online on sites like YouTube is big business these days. Whether you’re a company owner who wants to boost your prospects, or you’re a top notch video maker looking to put that little bit of extra quality into your work, you’ll need a decent video voice over the app to create the best videos. Make sure your videos are the best they can be when you upload a vocal track to boost them to the next level with the best app for voice over recording.


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Choose the Best Movie Voice Over App

It’s well-known that the best videos are those with a stunning voice over track to support the visual content. It’s easier than ever to create awesome videos and the latest mobile apps have a plethora of different tools that will help you make better videos than you could ever have imagined. Take a look here and pick your favorite movie voice over an app.

Filmora is a wonderful tool for adding audio tracks to your videos. Most significantly, it doesn’t add a watermark to your work and there’s no time limit either. If you’re looking for a simple and effective video editor, this is the one you need to fulfill just about any objective you might have. When you don’t have to worry about unfair limitations placed on your creativity, creating a perfectly narrated movie is going to be child’s play.

Video Editor is great for working on movies you’ve already created. You can cut and paste your favorite scenes, trimming and merging all the right bits, until you have a masterpiece. Then you can share it via all the usual social media suspects, not to mention via email. If you’ve been asked to urgently submit an audition tape, this is an app that’ll help you get the job.

Splice comes from the makers of the increasingly famous GoPro cameras. As such, you can reasonably expect a powerful video making an app that’s easy to use and highly effective. It is packaged with a range of different tools from simple cropping all the way to adding animations, music, and other audio tracks.


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

Pinnacle has become extremely widely used as a video editing app as of late. If you’re looking to create a veritable movie masterpiece, you can use the storyboard mode to arrange your clips, edit your favorite scenes using the timeline tab, and then add your vocal tracks to complete the effect. You can even get a video output quality of up to 4K if your cameras and mobile devices can support it.

Clipper is perfect for when you want to create miniature movies to show off your skills. When you’re auditioning your movie making or voice over skills, you don’t want to make a huge feature-length film, so this app is ideal. You can add a soundtrack in a matter of seconds, making surprise job interview offers something you can handle with ease.

AndroVid offers one function that none of the others here can. Aside from all the usual suspects of trimming, merging and soundtrack addition, this app lets you convert your content into a range of different audio and video formats. It’s this versatility that makes AndroVid a great choice if you’ve got audiovisual content in a number of different file types and you don’t want to have to standardize everything before you start working.

KineMaster is truly a professional choice as it allows you work with several layers of video all at once, as well as letting you use multiple audio tracks to create the perfect vocal effect for your movie. This is an app that’s been used by some of the finest mobile movie creators in the filmmaking business. It’s perfect for use with YouTube and you can easily upload your finest work and cash in on your newfound fame.

using video voice over app

The Yong video editor app provides you with a range of options when it comes to making movies. Aside from adding your own vocal tracks, you can animate your video with stickers, special effects and much more besides. This is an app that’s been out together with size in mind, and you can make sure that your videos are compressed for easy sharing.

VidTrim has been recommended by some of the best online movie makers and has featured as an app of the day on various renowned websites. It’s simple to extract the exact portion of audio you need and insert it into your chosen video file, making the addition of a vocal track a joy to perform. VidTrim comes in a wide range of language so if you’re not a native English speaker, it’s not the end of the world at all.

Dub Me is the ultimate tool for adding audio to your visual content. Whether you need sound effects, background music, or you want to add your own vocal talents to your video work, this app can handle whatever you throw at it. You can upload your work to YouTube or the app’s very own platform.

It’s easy to make top-quality videos even better when you add a professional audio track. When you use an expertly developed video voice over an app, your videos will truly shine as they provide your viewers with a rich and full audio-visual experience. Choose one of the 10 options here and you won’t go far wrong when narrating any kind of video. There are the best cheer voice over ideas for you.

All you need to create a top-quality audio track for your clients is a video voice over an app that provides a comprehensive set of tools. Make sure your vocal work always hits the right notes.

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