6 Reasons Your Professional Greeting for Voicemail Isn’t What It Could Be

Use the Right Professional Greeting for Voicemail

The right or wrong voicemail message can definitely impact your business. “One study found that of the 8 ­ 15% of a company’s customer base that is lost each year, 68% is due to indifferent or negative phone treatment.” according to Oren Harari of “The Tom Peters Group.” Many of the people who call your business are either customers or interested in something that you have to offer. If you aren’t available to take the call yourself you want your custom on hold message to do a good job of representing you.


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Professional Greeting Voicemail Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that many people make in their business voicemails. Here are six common mistakes that could be keeping your voicemail from being more effective:

professional greeting for voicemailYou don’t mention your name in your voicemail: Your message shouldn’t just mention the company name or the department you are in. State your name as well so that the caller knows exactly whose phone they have reached, and who they are leaving a message for if they decide to do so.

professional greeting for voicemail tipsYour message isn’t up to date: the same message won’t always apply throughout the year. You need to update your message to reflect when you are away on a business trip, on vacation or any other circumstance that may occur. This provides callers with a better idea when you may get back to them and comes across as more personal.

professional greeting for voicemail helpYour message is too informal: Your message for a business should present you as a professional to the caller. It is important that callers understand you take them seriously and that you value what they have to say. A little humor can be okay but you don’t want a caller to thin that you will treat their message as a joke.

professional greeting for voicemail serviceThere is too much background noise: A message that contains a lot of background noise be it traffic, screaming kids or loud music can be distracting to customers. It also comes across as unprofessional and may create the impression in customers that their call isn’t very important to you.

professional greeting for voicemail companyYour message is too long: The majority of the people who call your business are likely to have busy schedules. In this day and age there will be little patience for a message that rambles on without providing the information they need.

professional greeting for voicemail exampleNo time frame for callbacks: Your voicemail message should give the caller some idea of how long it will be before you call them back. Let them know how frequently you check messages and provide them with a timeframe of when you will be able to respond to their message.

What About No Voicemail?

Not setting up your voicemail can be even worse than a poor one.

“No voicemail is unprofessional, and you’re making it harder for me to contact you. Since I can’t leave you a message to let you know I want to get in touch, I might try to send an email, but only after I’ve called and tried to reach other candidates on my list and/or feeling irrationally generous.” Sarah Croft on Koru

Marilyn Suttle, a customer experience consultant and President of Suttle Enterprises recommends including a phrase such as “I check my messages frequently throughout the day” in your recording to induce callers to leave a message. Naturally people prefer to speak to a live person when they call a business. However as that isn’t always immediately possible your voicemail must represent you temporarily. To get a good professional greeting for voicemail, consider using a professional voice over talent like we provide that has proven experience in the field.

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