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Do you need help with animation voice over scripts?

With technology as advanced as it is today it is not too hard to create an animated clip for your business or even for entertainment. However no matter how good the computers may be at providing you with great animation they still cannot master the voices. If you want to add voices to your movie then you will need to use an actor to provide you with the voices. But a voice over for animation is not something that you can do yourself or with your friends and colleagues if you want to have a professional sounding finish. Without the right experience and equipment it is difficult to produce a soundtrack that is going to be paced perfectly to your animation and free of background and other sounds. If you want a professional sound track for your animation then you need the help of a professional voice over company.


Choose your smooth voice over from professional female voice over talents.


Find your best male voice in variety of our male voice over demos from professional actors!


Check amazing kids voices from young voice over talents!

We can offer a full range of support from animation voice over scripts to actors

Our voice over service are available to provide you with the full service package. We offer you everything that you need to ensure that your animated movie will be a success no matter how short or how long. Our services are completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your precise needs. We can provide you with all of the following:


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec
  • Animation voice over scripts written to match your animation
  • Script translations if you need additional languages for your production
  • Voice over actor selection
  • Recording and voice over production in your chosen format
  • Video dubbing and subtitling services

Our superior animation voice over scripts writing

Our script writers will work closely with you to ensure that they fully understand exactly what it is that you are looking for with your animation. They are all highly experienced script writers and work within the areas in which they have years of experience. They will craft an original and well written script for your production that will match perfectly with your animated action. Their scripts will be:

  • Completely original, we check all scripts for plagiarism
  • Free of errors, all writing is proofread carefully
  • Perfectly paced for your animation
  • Formatted in your chosen format

Use our animation voice over scripts and services to get the best animated picture

When we work on animation voice over jobs or voice over for video games we always ensure that we go that extra yard to give you the very best service. We offer our services through highly qualified and very experienced individuals and will provide you with just the team that you need to ensure that your project will be successful. From professional script writers and voice actors through to technically qualified production staff we always give our best. Our services can be tailored to fit your needs whether you just need a script writing or if you need the whole production team. All of our work is always delivered within agreed deadlines and we cover everything with our professional full satisfaction money back guarantee.

So if you are looking for superior animation voice over scripts and other support just contact our voice over services here today.

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    • HENRIK, UK

      Thank you for getting this new recording to me. Really appreciate your help.
      HELEN, USA

      I have referred you to several of our other friends in the business as well. We appreciate how you have handled all of our issues and needs.

      The voice over sounded really great, exactly how I wanted it sound and very professional. Thank you!

    • ELLEN, USA

      Thank you for the recording! Really fast, but awesome quality!:)

      Yes, order is complete and I am very satisfied, well done!Thank You so much!
      PAUL, USA

      Excellent job, I am very happy with the work. My thanks to the young lady for a job well done. I will likely need your service again in the near future!


      Looks good! Thanks for such a fast service. We will deal with you again.
      WENDY, USA

      Well done! Thank you very much.

      All of Richards VOs are fantastic, especially the Anton one. Please let him know his change in accent is fantastic and much appreciated. We have no changes for him!

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