Audiobook Voice Over: How to Engage the Readers

Audiobooks are no longer just for those with visual problems. They are becoming increasingly popular with drivers and commuters who want to experience the joys of reading a good book without having to set aside a special period of time to do so.  So, it’s not only bloggers need youtube voice over, you may use it for a book. If you’ve written a book and you want to have it read out as an audiobook voice over narrators are the professionals you’ve been looking for. Engage a whole new target audience when you record the perfect audiobook.


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Reasons to Hire an Audiobook Narrator

There are all kinds of reasons why you should hire an audiobook narrator to bring your script to life. Even if you’ve already been told all about how audiences are drawn in by your text recording it with the help of a professional narrator will allow you to cast a much wider net and gain a whole new set of fans.

  • When you’re an independent author and you want to get your book out there for all to read, it’s hard to fulfil this objective by focusing on print alone. By hiring a professional to record your audiobook, you’re making sure that you don’t ruin your top-quality book with poor voice acting.
  • Recording an audiobook is about far more than just the voice used. Professionals have access to software and tools that allow their voices to be recorded at the highest fidelity so that you don’t lose a single bit of their tone or accent.
  • There are really very few authors who can properly narrate their own work. Your talent probably lies in writing great books, not in reading them out. Use a professional to make sure you leave a lasting impact on your audience.

The 5 Best Places to Upload Your Audiobook

Your potential listeners already have their favorite online resources from which they download their next literary fix. Make sure you understand where you need to upload your spoken audio content to achieve the greatest impact. It’s not just about recording a voice over for Audible as there are plenty of resources you won’t have thought of on your own.

  • If you’re a fan of traditional bricks-and-mortar libraries, you’ll be glad to know that more than 30,000 of them support OverDrive. As long as you’re a member of a participating library, you can download any of their collection for free. This is the perfect place to upload your audiobook for those who may not be able to otherwise access your work.
  • Downpour works as a combination of library-based hiring apps and privately-owned book purchasing apps. Users have the choice of either system and you should make the most of the opportunities that such a wide net casts.
  • Amazon’s Audible offers more than 150,000 books to listen to and it’s such a popular service that most of its users admit to be unaware of its competitors simply because they’re already so content with the service they receive. You should jump on this particular bandwagon and make sure you choose the best vocal artists in the business when you submit a voice over for Audible.
  • Scribd is a useful place to upload your work as you can add your printed content as well as your audiobooks and create a fully integrated for your biggest fans who may want a copy of everything you produce.
  • Hoopla is another service that works alongside traditional libraries to offer you all the multimedia you could ever want. It offers movies, TV shows, ebooks and audiobooks amongst other things. If you’re prolific in a range of media, you would do well to upload your content here.


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The Most Cost-Effective Way to Record an Audiobook

It’s nowhere near as expensive as you might think to hire a vocal artist to narrate your book. You’ll find that when producing a voice over for audiobook rate per minute varies depending on where you look. The most cost-effective rates are only available online so you’ve come to the right place.

Although the price is an important factor when choosing someone to complete a voice over for audiobook rate isn’t the only thing worth thinking about. It’s all about value for money and that’s relative and rather personal. We can provide you with a highly skilled professional audio book reader who will truly bring your text to life at a price you can comfortably afford.

professional audiobook voice over

Top Tips for Narrating a Book

When it comes to choosing a professional audio book reader, there are several factors you must consider. Take into account the expert advice below and you won’t go far wrong when making your selection.

  • Choose a reader who is comfortable and familiar with your work if at all possible. This will mean that they can bring an extra layer of complexity to the job and create a truly superior recording that you’ll cherish.
  • Ensure that your chosen reader is able to adopt the necessary accents and tones of voice to give real life to your characters. Use this opportunity to check whether the equipment they use is sufficient for your tasks, avoiding the plosive sounds and other errors typical of poor recording practice.
  • Use a reader who is willing to re-record segments as and when you deem it necessary. You want some who is always going to be on the same page as you when it counts, although you should take their comments on board if they disagree with you on the basis of their vast experience in this arena.

You’ll reach a whole new segment of your target audience when you record an audiobook voice over and upload it online. Hire one of our expertly trained audiobook readers who’ll breathe life into your characters and scenes. There is nothing impossible with our service, you don’t need to google how to voiceover on imovie, or any other questions. We offer a cost-effective service that offers high-quality professional voice acting at prices you can easily afford.

Record your audiobook voice over with the help of true professionals. Hire an expert reader and reach your full potential as an author.

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