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Everyone uses the services of at least two kinds of energy company. Whether you focus on supplying gas, electricity or water, making a promotional video should be at the top of your list of priorities. There’s so much bad press out there about energy companies that you really need a way to rise above it and show the public how your company is not the bad guy. Consider using a skilled voice actor to add some much-needed pizazz to your marketing campaign.


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Why You Should Make a Promo Video with a Voice Over

There are all kinds of benefits attached when you make a promo video using a voice actor to narrate your company’s finest attributes. Adopt a complete audiovisual approach and leave your potential clients with a clear understanding of why you’re the best choice for all their energy needs. Take into account the specific advantages of hiring a voice actor as outlined below.

  • Narrators really make a difference when it comes to customers’ beliefs about your company. Using multiple communication methods is the most efficient way to maximize the potential of your promotional materials. Your video on its own won’t attract clients, but a professional voice over that incorporates a genuine call to action just might.
  • Compare any given ad with the sound off on versus when it’s turned right up, and you’ll notice the difference. Hire a professional vocal artist to turn your well-designed video into a true masterpiece.
  • As the average viewer watches your commercial, they will naturally start to think about what you have on offer. Most people have a similar set of questions in mind when they watch an advertisement, so you should pre-empt the questions by answering what you can by means of a vocal track.
  • As you know, energy company customers do not make a one-off purchase and then disappear from your radar. Instead, they go to you for all their energy needs for as long as your price is right. Ultimately, your customers want to be able to trust you to provide good service at low prices, but trust in your level of service plays a huge role as well. The right voice can help give you a trustworthy vibe and start building the right relationships with long-term and new customers alike.

making a promotional video with professionalsWhat We Offer

Making a polished promotional video for energy company purposes is a difficult task that requires expert input from those in the know. We offer a range of professional services and comply with the highest standards in the business. Consider our unique characteristics below and see why we’re the right choice.

  • Creating a worthy promotional video for energy company use requires a very specific approach. We offer free samples of our voice actors’ work so you can see exactly whose dulcet tones you’d like to use. Don’t forget to check our voicemail message examples.
  • We are an inclusive company, working with all kinds of male and female voice over artists, both adults and children. With such a wide range of talents on offer, you’ll surely find a voice that suits your purposes exactly. Browse through our catalogue of free online audio samples and see if anything takes your fancy.
  • We aim to provide the best narration service you’ll ever find online. We work directly with our voice over artists so we can pass on the savings to you.
  • Every voice actor we employ has to pass a rigorous battery of tests. Few emerge unscathed and that’s how we can offer only the very best professionals in the field of vocal performance arts.
  • We can manage your worries or concerns whenever they might arise. Our top notch support team works diligently and professionally every hour under the sun and even after it has set over the horizon, in other words 24/7.
  • We provide a comprehensive, 100% customer care guarantee. In the unlikely event that you’re unhappy with the work you receive, we will endeavor to put things right.
  • We want to play a supporting role in the development of small businesses and startup companies rather than just plying our trade with larger corporations. As such, we remain dedicated to giving you the most affordable rates you’ll find anywhere online.

Making a promotional video requires a certain range of skills that cannot be sourced from one person or company alone. You’ll need design professionals, marketing gurus and, of course, voice over artists. Make sure your advertisements have all the proper ingredients to create a call to action that drives customers towards you in earnest. We are here to provide help with making a unique business promo video for you.


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Sample Script

Our world is in danger. Mankind is plundering its resources like there’s no tomorrow, and there won’t be if we keep this up. But, we can save the world if we make the right choices. It takes one person at a time and we can all change to make the planet a better place to live. Choose renewable energy sources to light up your home, to cook your food, to drive to work. Be bold and use Nice Energy. We supply you with electricity that’s been generated only through renewable means, whether that’s from a wind turbine or a hydroelectric dam. Free your conscience when you use Nice Energy to heat your home. It’s nice to be nice.

You’ve come to the right place if you need help with making a promotional video that makes a real difference. Hire a professional voice over artist and reach your full potential

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