Video That Attracts and Sells: 6 Essentials for Cool Explainer Voice Over

Professional voice over is an integral part of every marketing strategy for the modern company, no matter what sphere you’re working in, digital or not. Just within a decade the social media have changed a lot and Youtube is the most powerful player now on the market of various kinds of promotions. Video content has grown increasingly popular so that now it changes how the content is processed and digested and is definitely more influential web traffic generator that a live TV, according to survey by Adroit Digital.

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When it comes to video traffic growth predictions, Cisco is more than optimistic, claiming that by 2016 this kind will be accounting for 55% of all Internet searches.


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

voice-over-audio-formatBy 2017, the video traffic will be 67%. This will give the marketers additional advantages for crafting explainer voice over videos to represent their services.

how-to-write-a-voice-over-scriptDemand Metric official data claims that more than 70% marketing specialists are already using explainer videos for their marketing strategies, 82% are ready to confirm this approach pays off and they’re satisfied with the results.

Lots of videos produced yearly are not at all and it’s not a secret. For creating an amazing video that converts you need to follow the rules and the one that is the most  important perfect video should never fail to deliver the main idea to the target auditory and resonate with their needs, even the bright and colorful explainer video can bring no effect if not adjusted to that criteria, check the great video examples that provide a vivid proof of it:

How to write the script for commercial voice over: 6 professional secrets

1. Life is pain

Identify the problem and all the troubles, headaches, pains and uncomfortable moment cause by it, you’re going to solve them all at once with your decisions. It gives people reasons why they need buy your product.


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Generally, the assets people are caring about are:

  • Their money spending
  • Their money gaining
  • Time saving
  • Trouble eliminations

2. Give the solution

Create the contrast between how painful the situation originally is and how easily it can be sorted out with your decision/product. Explain in what way it’s going to work in the most charming manner, dress the pain with solutions.

3. Devil is in details

Provide the 3 to 5 features that clearly shown what benefits the customer receives when using your service or product, what makes your services unique in the way that any other can substitute, don’t be scared to show off, marketing is all about it.

4. Connect socially

If your show your potential customers the list of satisfied existing customers it works magically, – it creates trust, this way you look like a more credible and safe option compared to your competitors.

5. Action moment

At the end of the video the customers should feel the inner itch and urge to do the action, it is the outcome of watching the video, push the thought into their heads by saying: “Immediate purchase, get it now!”, “Subscribe and get 3 free templates” and so on, according to your final aim.

6. Get a suitable voice over actor

The important moment to keep in mind, – voice over should be the task number one, only after this you can proceed to crafting the video, the purpose is purely technical, – the designer will be able to adjust the video to the voice timing.

Video voice-over crafting: level 99

Check the tips for recording the voice like a pro that should be used by voice actors:

1. Position matters


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Don’t underestimate the power of right microphone position it can save your recording from odd noises or bring dreadful screamy sounds. Too close location may cause clipping and other sound interference issues. Place it too far and you get the ambient, barely recognizable sound that can’t be discernible. The recommended distance for the optimal sound quality is considered to be between 6 to 12 inches from speaker. Don’t keep the microphone right next to power cord, equipment or computer as it may be the cause of the additional noises. Good quality microphones can also contribute to the cleaner sounds of recording so if theres an option buy one of the renown brand.

2. But the demo sounds right

Make sure it sounds okay by recording the demo version, it will help a lot for eliminating unpredictable situations.

A few years ago I was videotaping one of our executives. While he was rambling on I noticed that the mic was turned off. After he was finished, I told that it sounded great and now we’d do it for real. He wasn’t too happy.

3. Use headphones

Use headphones or headset for recording the file, it will be a great help to distance yourself from noises so you can listen the speech better, remember how awfully music sound on laptop speakers?

4. Make it conversational


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No one likes being bombarded by terminology or listen to boring lecture-like narrations. Revise your script and cut all the difficult to pronounce word constructions, your auditory will be glad for that.

5. Sound quality tricks

For making the sound more smooth and pleasant to the ear you can use two pillows that trick will help to dampen the sound.

There are common video formats used for video recording purposes and here are the most popular:

1. AVI – Audio Video Interleave

avi-file-recordingAVI is digital, Microsoft stable long-running format that became very widespread once. After a while Microsoft’s Windows Media Video (WMV) has gained the position of the most top rated formats because it cannot be compressed effectively enough, the other reason was that users couldn’t select the aspect ratios like with other common formats.

Apps that open AVI format: Microsoft Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime Player and VideoLAN VLC media player.

2. ASF – Advanced Systems Format

asf-recording-formatAnother Microsoft audio format, the ASF container normally houses files compressed with Microsoft’s WMA (Windows Media Audio) and WMV codec. The files are usually given the .wmv or .wma suffix and not the expected .asf. The Digital Rights Management is suggested for to protect the copy.

Apps that open ASF format: VideoLAN VLC media player, Microsoft Windows Media Player.

3. MOV or QT – QuickTime

mov-recording-formatThe MOV and QT Apple QuickTime Movie file formats can support various codecs, this audio format saves video files and has the .qt suffix, it is cross-platform usable, that is great for using with Mac and Windows alike.

Apps that open MOV format: Apple QuickTime Player.

4. AVCHD – Advanced Video Coding, High Definition

avchd-recording-formatLaunched as the result of Panasonic and Sony collaboration, this file based audio format is often used for compression of the data with the help of codec H.264. It can be stored on various devices and support different definitions.

Apps that open AVCHD format: VideoLan VLC Media Player and Apple QuickTime Player.

5. FLV or SWF – Flash Video

flv-recording-formatFlash Video has been popular for a long time, it is widespread format with Sorenson codec and new Flash uses H.264 support. The big problem with that format is that it can’t be supported by IOS devices.

Apps that open FLV or SWF format: Web browsers with the Flash plugin installed and the Adobe Flash Player.

Apps for voice-over to video synchronization

There are numerous tutorials in the web related to work with audios and videos, you can learn from some of them how to sync the video to the audio or fix the videos that are out of sync. One of the best professional tools widely used among youtube video bloggers is filmora, it gives room for many creative tricks and interesting video effects.

The Video Converter Studio

apps-for-video-audio-syncronizationWith the Video Converter Studio you can easily sync audio with video even without complicated tutorials. Simple and convenient in use this tool enables you to sync the sound to the video by entering the seconds of audio falling behind your video.

VLC Multimedia Player

voice-over to video synchronizationVLC media player supports various formats and codecs, this player enables adjusting the video to the audio track, if your music file is out of sync with a video you will only need to press K and J buttons while video playing.

Windows Movie Maker

voice-over-appsYes, Windows Movie Maker can do that too, if the audio is not in your video or there’s a delay you can fix it but only on condition when your video has a separate video track.

On the internet you can find detailed tutorials of how to sync the video with audio files using the above-mentioned apps.

A star moment: A/B test your video

In order to understand if your explainer video will be able to draw the attention to the site or your homepage would be better even without it you’ll need to run the A/B test. For such test many people use Optimizely service, because with its help you don’t need to have specific knowledge, you can test other website elements as well.

Finding cheap voice over for your explainer or promo video is not a problem if you know where to look for them. Adding the new promo or explainer video to the site opens brand new possibilities for better conversion rates for your online business nowadays. 50% of success will depend on how accurately you address the customers with your marketing strategy and for this sure you will need experienced and talented voice over actors. Thus seems relevant that older voice actors will communicate the older auditory and the young talents will be in demand if your target are youngsters. in some cases it will be better to run a split test to find out which would be more successful or ask the qualified specialists to provide you with professional suggestions.

Looking for finest explainer voice over decisions? We know how to pick the right actor, ask us today!

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