How 3 Simple Best Voicemail Messages Helped Me Succeed

Best Voicemail Messages for Your Business

Voicemail messages don’t need to be complicated to be effective. Brief and to the point is usually best when it comes to voicemail. An ideal message is no longer than 25 seconds which is plenty of time to deliver the essential information to the caller. For a smaller business having just a few good voicemail messages that you use in different situations is all you need. Using the appropriate message for the situation will reduce callers’ frustration and improve customer relations and satisfaction.


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Best Voice Message for the Situation

Every business is different and the circumstances that prevent a live person from answering a call will vary. Here are three ways to address various situations that can be adapted to fit most businesses:

Provide the caller with options: When a customer calls and you can’t take their call immediately providing them with options is one way to lessen their frustration. Here is an example of a simple professional on hold message that does that:

“You have reached (business name). All of our sales representatives are busy serving other customers but we would like to return your call as soon as possible. To check the status of your order or for information about our hours, location and pricing please visit us on the web at (website address). If you would like us to return your call please leave a message with your name and number after the tone and one of our representatives will contact you within 2 business hours. Thank you.”

Respect your customers’ time: Customers who call your business have their own bust schedules and their time is important to them, thus it should be important to you. Use a voicemail message that shows you respect the fact they are busy:

“Hi. You have reached (business name). All of our staff are currently busy helping other callers. We understand your time is valuable and rather than keeping you on hold, we will make sure to call you back. Please leave us a detailed message with your name and number. We will return your call within two business hours. Thank you.”

Don’t leave callers wondering: If you are going to be away from your business for a few days some callers would like to know when they can expect to hear back from you. In some instances it may be too important for them to wait. The following voicemail message addresses such situations:

“Good afternoon. You have reached the office of (name). I will be out of the office from (date) until (date). Please leave a brief message with your contact information, and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I return on (date). If this is an emergency or you need to speak with someone before I return, please contact (name of colleague) at (phone number).

Expert Advice Regarding the Importance of Your Voicemail

“When a potential or existing customer calls your business, nothing can be more frustrating than a telephone that goes unanswered. Worse still is a voicemail greeting that is indifferent, hard to understand or lacking a courteous and welcoming tone of voice. Your voicemail greeting may seem like a small detail in the scheme of things, but if it gets overlooked, it can lead to lost customers. The perfect voicemail greeting should connect your brand to your incoming callers.” Elle Smith on Chron

Although these messages are simple and brief they can contribute a great deal to your business success. Whatever voicemail works best for you it should also be remembered that using basic good manners never hurts. Andy LaPointe at Traverse Bay Farms says those creating a voicemail will benefit from making good use of “please” and “thank you.” Offering your caller alternatives and showing that you care about their call is a key to creating good relationships. For the best voicemail messages to enhance your business consider using professional and cheap voice overs with proven experience like the one our company provides.

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