How To Choose A Good Foreign Language Voice Over Actor

Demand for foreign voice over

foreign voice overInstances may often arise where your voice over recording may require the uses of a foreign language voice over. Companies with overseas branches may have instructional videos that are needed in other languages, advertisements that may be shown in other countries or sales presentations to corporate clients to name but a few. Those cases where there is an existing video that needs to be translated and performed in another language can prove to be some of the most difficult and challenging voice over jobs to perform well on.


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Difficulties encountered in foreign voice overs

When doing a foreign language voice over it isn’t just a matter of getting a foreign dictionary and doing a word for word swap. Translation doesn’t quite work that way. English in general uses less words than most other languages to say the same thing. The difference in length of an accurate translation may be anywhere from as little as 5 percent to as high as 30 percent depending on the language. A certain amount of this difference can be made up by the foreign language voice over actor increasing the tempo of their delivery to compensate. In other cases it may be necessary to rewrite the script in such a way that it says the same thing using less words, so that when translated it is a closer fit to video length in the foreign language it is translated to. For the best results that is the most effective means of obtaining a voice over music or a voice over of a video originally done in English, that is having a voice over recording made in another language.


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Keys to a successful foreign voice over

Probably the two most important factors in making a foreign language voice over are

  1. Script translation. Translators should be experienced in rewriting scripts in order that when performed in a foreign language the script length closely matches the video length without losing meaning and intent.
  2. Foreign voice over actors. As well as providing the right voice and tone a good foreign voice over actor is aware of the difference in language lengths and when needed can pace themselves accordingly.

Choosing the right foreign language voice over actor

In choosing an actor for your foreign voice over service, you may be best served by going with a company like ours that provides foreign voice over services. We have expert translators in every language experienced in script translations and vast selections of outstanding foreign language actors to ensure your needs are met. Modern digital recording equipment operated by top notch engineers produces excellent sound quality every time.

This coupled with easy online ordering and 24/7 customer support, all at affordable rates and with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee make us the obvious choice for your foreign language voice over needs!

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