How to Choose and Record Voice Over Music

The use of music in voice over recordings

voice over musicIn the production of voice over recordings music is often made use of to enhance recordings and more strongly emphasize the message that is being sent. Voice over music in recordings is often critical in setting a mood without interfering at all with the voice itself. Its use can strongly impact the effect a voice over recording has on an audience even when the audience is not consciously aware of its presence. Whatever the purpose of your voice over recording there are likely to be instances where the addition of the right music can add something beneficial. Likewise an incorrect or improperly made music choice can detract from your voice over so care must be taken in the selection process.


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Voice over music selection

Music is most often used as a mood setting device to give the correct feel to a voice over recording. Whether you are aiming for a tone that is happy, sad, excited or something else there is music that fits the bill. There are a variety of aspects within a song that can affect a recordings mood. Pitch, meter and tempo are just a few of those aspects. Using a song with lyrics adds another voice which also must be taken into consideration in music selection. Deciding whether using an existing song or a new composition is important, as is how to record voice over music selected in such a way as not to intrude on the voice but still have the desired impact. It should be kept in mind that it may be necessary to get permission to use many songs in your affordable voice overs and that sometimes these permissions must be paid for.


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The best voice over music for your recordings

In trying to make the best music selection possible to add to your professional voicemail greetings, the best choice for you may be to go with a company such as ours. We are a professional voice over recording production company with expertise in every aspect of voice over production. As would be expected in a voice over production company we provide professional script writing and editing as well as a superior selection of voice talent. We offer the latest in digital recording technology with top sound engineers. What is often overlooked by many is the particular skills involved in voice over music selection. There are many thousands of musical compositions to be selected from, and even in knowing the mood you want to set it could take hundreds of hours of listening for somebody without the background to make the choice. Our professionals can almost instantly narrow those selections down with their background and knowledge of what is out there.

With our affordable pricing and 100 percent guarantee for every voice over recording we are the obvious choice for your voice over music needs!

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