How to Create Best Voicemail Message – A Simple Guide

Best Voicemail Message

The telephone remains the preferred method for contacting a business by the majority of customers but a live person may not always be immediately available. Businesses often turn to voicemail to handle calls when a live person can’t. The business voicemail greeting the caller hears represents you and your business so making the best impression possible is essential. A poor message can result in caller hang ups, lost sales and unsatisfied customers which no business wants so put some time and effort into creating an appropriate message


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Custom Voicemail Message

Voicemail messages should be tailored to the individual business but there are certain elements they should all contain to do the most good. The following are the basic steps to create a good voicemail message:

custom voicemail messageThe very first step of creating a good voicemail message is to write a script for your voicemail message and don’t forget to include the following:

Greeting: The initial greeting should be friendly and informative. Provide your name, and the name of your business or the department you work in so the caller knows whether or not they have reached the correct number. Use a friendly tone of voice and thank them for their call.
Statement that you are unable to take the call: Follow the greeting with a statement that you are unavailable to take the call. This can be either a general statement or you can provide a specific reason which has the benefit of providing an idea of how long it may take for you to get back to them.
Request the caller leave a message: Ask the caller to leave their name, contact number and the reason for their call. By requesting the purpose of the call you will be able to prepare for calling them back.
Provide a timeframe: Let the caller now when you will be able to get back to them. Make sure that you will be able to return their call within the period of time you state in your message.
Offer an alternative: Provide the caller with an option such as an alternative number, email, website or another person who may be able to assist them.
Be Brief: Your message should be limited to no more than 25 seconds. This is enough time to provide the information you need to convey.
Practice reading the script: Once you have down what you want to say practice reading it a few times. Familiarizing yourself with the script will help you when you record.
Record your message: Find a quiet area without any background noise and record your message. Speak clearly and in a friendly natural tone of voice.
Preview your recording: Play your message back to be sure it is how you want before using it for your business.

To deliver your message in the right tone of voice, smile while you are recording. Amy Grey of Teamwork Retail says “It sounds strange to smile while you are on the phone because obviously the person on the other line will not be able to see it, but trust me; it makes a difference in the way you talk. Smiling while you talk will change the way your voice sounds.” Not everybody is comfortable recording their own message. A professional and cheap voice over service such as our company offers is one alternative to doing it yourself and will ensure you get the best voicemail message for your business.

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