How to Create Voice Over Profile

The Basic Guidelines on How to Create Voice over Profile

Once you have understood the procedure on how to come up with the perfect voiceovers, you will now need to develop your own profile so that you are able to catch the attention of those clients that are offering those types of job opportunities. Just like all the other types of writing, the process of coming up with the perfect profile that can attract the attention of every person offering a voiceover job requires you to first understand the format and be able to follow it in developing your profile.


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You need to know what to mention in your profile since not all the information you may want to write about can be appealing to the clients. If you have tried to come up with your profile and you have not been successful and you would like to learn how to perfectly do it, you need to make sure that you stick to this page as we will let you in all the details you need to know on developing a top notch profile and by the end of this post, you will no doubt be in a position to develop your own since you will now understand how to create voice over profile.


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The Issues You Need to Address in Your Voice over Profile

First of all in you will need to introduce yourself and this should be a very brief part of your profile and as soon as you are done you should now focus on the main points of your profile. You may start by mentioning the type of services you offer as a voiceover. This will help the people offering the voiceover job decide whether their type of voiceover needs fall under the types of services you offer. Under this section of your profile you may for instance mention that you offer both voiceover services as well as creation of the voiceover scripts, such information will give the clients and idea of what you focus on in your voiceover services.

You may also find it relevant to mention that your working experience since again the clients will want to see whether you are a capable voiceover artist and the only way you can prove this to them is by making sure that you highlight the type of experience you have in this field of service delivery. For instance you may mention that you are either a female voiceover talent and if you have happened to undertake any male voiceovers you mention the particular times you have the exhibited the male voiceover talent in your service delivery.

Tips for Creating a Profile

To make sure that you get the right client for your unique abilities, it’s important to create a voiceover profile that demonstrates exactly what you can offer. Of course, this information is relevant if you’re searching for a voice actor to hire, so it’s worth making sure that their profile contains all the vital details below.


There ought to be an opening statement that concisely summarizes precisely what voice actor can offer, whether it’s a specific genre or a particular kind of voice.

Specific Services

Voice actors are a wide-ranging bunch. You can find voices of all kinds, from those suitable for serious public service announcements to those for cartoons. The perfect profile should state the specific services you can offer.

Work Experience

The best profile is one that mentions relevant work experiences, especially if you’ve worked with leading names in the business. The experience you state should relate to the specific services you intend to offer.


If you’ve had great results working with previous clients, try to include a testimonial, a review or any other feedback. There’s nothing more reassuring that seeing stunning commentary from happy customers.

The Benefits of Having a Quality Voiceover Profile

It is during this stage that you may also want to highlight your previous voiceover services that you have ever engaged in. This tends to assure the clients that you can indeed perform the certain task that they want you to undertake. While stating your past voiceover projects you may also find it necessary to try and get some feedback from the clients whom you have worked with so that they can assure the new clients of your capabilities. It is no secret that clients like to hire someone who has previously being tested before and therefore the positive feedbacks you incorporate in your profile will go a large way in assuring them that you can indeed perform the tasks that they need you to undertake for them.

There is no denying the fact that you will stand a better chance of getting hired for the available voiceover talent job opportunity if your profile is great and you may go ahead and make it even better by even coming up with a voiceover LinkedIn profile where more people can spot you and offer you more tasks. The above steps are among the best guidelines on how to create professional voice over profile and therefore you need to make sure that you follow them for you to be successful in creating a powerful voiceover profile.

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