How to Record a Professional Voice Over

What is a voice over?

professional voice overA voice is defined in the dictionary as “words spoken in a movie or television person by a person who is not seen,” However there are many other ways in which voice overs are used. The voices in radio advertisements, audio books, and video games are just a few of those uses. Recording voice overs has become a specialized field and there are now many companies that produce professional voice overs.


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What is involved in recording a professional voice over?

The first step in recording a voice over is preparing a script. After deciding on a script it must be determined the type of voice that will do the voice over. Will it be a male or female voice? Should the tone of the voice be serious, friendly or take some other tone? Is a specific accent desired? There are many things which will have to be considered before settling on the type of voice to be used. This will be followed by searching for a professional voiceover artist possessing the voice desired. Then there is the actual recording process itself and the editing that needs to be completed before a completed voice over is in hand. To summarize the process:


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec
  • Prepare a script
  • Choose the type of voice
  • Locate, audition and hire a suitable cheap voice over artist
  • Record the voice over
  • Edit the voice over as necessary

Recording a quality voice over can be a daunting task, especially to one who has never been involved in the process before.

How to obtain the best professional voice over possible

The easiest and most practical way to go about fulfilling your voice over requirements is by engaging a professional voice over company such as ours. We are able to work with your script or we have professional script writers to ensure your script says exactly what you want it to. We have professional actors to suit any type of voice requirement and we will work with you on determining what type of voice is best for your project. Only modern digital technologies are used to render the highest quality digital recordings, and our engineers and technical people are well qualified and experienced in the field. An easy online ordering process and around the clock customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are part of our service.

Isn’t professional voice over service like yours expensive?

We are well aware that everybody has budget restraints and our rates reflect this. Affordable rates that are within your budget combined with the best professional voice over recordings and animation voice over scripts available is what we provide. All of our voice overs are fully guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Contact us for professional voice over today!

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