How to Voice Over a PowerPoint Professionally

After attending seminars and lectures where voiceovers were used in their presentation, the question many are probably asking is how to voice over a PowerPoint? This is not unusual given that only a handful have tried their hand in integrating voiceovers in their presentation. Many prefer to use the same formula of combining texts with images in their presentations but surprisingly adding voice to PowerPoint can have better results.


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How to Voice Over a PowerPoint

It’s relatively easy to add an audio file to your slide presentation because PowerPoint already has the tools on hand. In the Slide Presentation panel just choose Record Narration and you can immediately record an audio file. You will then be prompted to save your recording by embedding it directly into the slide with its timings or if you will do this later on. Of course, the trick is proper timing of the audio to the slide as well as finding the best voice to read your narrative. To get this done quickly and in a professional manner, you might want to consider hiring a voiceover service to do this for you.


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How to Put Voice on PowerPoint with Us

How do you do a voiceover on PowerPoint without doing all the hard work? Why by hiring our service, of course. Our service is designed to provide our clients with easy access to talented artists to do their voiceovers for their presentation. From our website, you can watch a video clip of our artists so you can get idea on the quality of their voice as well as what kind of voiceovers they do. Each of our voice artists has their own area of expertise which means you’ll find the help you need with us.  Just choose the service you want us to perform, choose among our artists you want to hire, and we’ll work on your order immediately.

Budget Friendly Voiceover Service

Learning how to put voice on PowerPoint is easy but doing it properly may be a bit tricky. Fortunately, our budget friendly voiceover service is here to make things easier for you while at the same time help you create the best presentation there is. With our affordable rates, there is no reason why you can’t hire a professional artist to do voiceover for you.

Choose our voiceover service and have your voiceover PowerPoint done by the experts!

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