Everything You Need to Know about IVR Voice Over

If you want to maintain that all-important human touch when you transfer to using a computer-based system to answer your calls, you’re going to need to use interactive voice response (IVR) technology. You’ll require a vocal professional to record an IVR voice over script to make sure that your business doesn’t suffer from any teething problems when you move over to this way of answering client calls with professional answering machine message.

What Is IVR Voice Over?

Simply put, IVR is a means to ensure that your computerized answering system can direct customers to the correct department according to speech recognition of any caller response given. There’s a lot that you can achieve with such an approach but this is the bare minimum you must understand if you’re wondering what is IVR voice over all about.

Pros and Cons of Using IVR

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using IVR and it’s worth thinking about them before you go ahead and hire a vocal professional to record your system’s responses. If you really need to use IVR, consider the pros and cons below first.

  • You’ll save your company a large amount of time and money, leaving your employees to focus on other tasks until your clients really need your attention.
  • A computer system can be left running at all times. You won’t have to worry about being out to lunch or in the bathroom when the telephone rings. I
  • Using IVR gives your clients the impression that your company is much larger and far more significant than might be the case. It adds a professional touch to your business and lets you separate clients out into various categories that you can address individually.
  • Vocal prompts can be difficult to understand for some customers. That’s why you need to hire a professional voice actor to enunciate every single word slowly and clearly.
  • It’s possible to alienate your clients if you choose a bad IVR system. Voice actors can be used to improve your systems, but if there’s something wrong with the script or menus, no amount of vocal support can remedy this. Choose a straightforward script with just a few options and let your voice actor do the rest.


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Building a Useful IVR System

There are several factors common to all great IVR systems. Having a good computer-operated answering service can make all the difference to your company’s fortunes. Likewise, terrible IVR turns customers away faster than you could if you were actively trying to repel them. Take into account the pointers below and record an IVR menu that’s actually helpful to your clients and your company alike.

  • Give your callers the option to get through your system quickly. They want a solution to their problems and getting them through to the right employee as soon as you can will pay off in the end.
  • Make sure that you list each department name before the corresponding number to press. This gives your caller the time to process the relevant information and choose the right department first time.
  • Your script needs to be concise. Your client wants to get straight down to business and won’t want to listen to a lengthy monologue. You’d be surprised at how short your average client’s attention span actually is.

ivr voice over service

Making a Cost-Effective Choice

IVR voice over rates vary massively so it’s important that don’t end up paying over the odds for an inferior service. Online services like ours are able to offer the lowest IVR voice over rates while maintaining an extremely high level of quality. If you’re wondering why this is so, think about the reasons below.

  • We have our very own in-house team of voice actors, giving you a vast range of styles to choose from. We employ all of our talent directly so you won’t have to go through any third parties to get your need fully met.
  • All of our professional voice actors are put through their paces before we employ them. Having passed our rigorous selection program, our vocal artists are the best of the bunch.
  • You’ll find free samples recorded by a wide range of different voice actors of both genders, letting you find the perfect voice for your IVR system. Whether you want a mature-sounding businessman or a young and enthusiastic new recruit, you’ll get what you’re looking for here.
  • We limit our marketing costs, choosing instead to focus on providing a service that truly speaks for itself. We’ve driven down our costs as far as they’ll go so that we can offer the lowest rates you’ll find anywhere online while maintaining the highest standards.
  • Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we offer a comprehensive customer care guarantee that covers every aspect of the recording process. In the highly unlikely event that you’re unhappy with the final product, we’ll do everything in our power to put things right.
  • Our customer support helpline is ready and able to assist you with any queries no matter what time of the day at which they strike you. We operate a fully-staffed technical support department that works round the clock to make sure your needs are met.


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When you follow expert advice, you can make your IVR voice over a shining example of what technology can do for modern businesses. Choose a voice actor who fits your company’s demographic perfectly when you browse through the hundreds of options on display here, just remember that voice over for radio and IVR voice over aren’t the same. Keep your clients on the phone and your company will go from strength to strength.

Record an IVR voice over that has your clients hanging on your every word. Make the right choice and your client list will grow and grow.

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