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Jamaican voice over

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The world is no longer a big place when it comes to business. We can often find ourselves working with people on the other side of the world. The only barriers to this are often language and an understanding of local cultures and this means that we often have to adjust what we are doing to enter these new areas. The same is very true for the media that we use for our advertising and even corporate communication and training. Sometimes we need to be able to deliver our media using a Jamaican, Patois sound clips that can be understood and related to.

jamaican voice overWhile many companies will attempt to provide a voice over service for their ad using their own staff it is often best to seek out and use professional voice actors for your Jamaican voice over. This will ensure that your voice over does not suffer from embarrassing distracting noises and will be delivered in just the right way to be effective.

We Can Provide You with the Perfect Actor for Your Jamaican Voice Over

patois sound clipsFrom Jamaican style English through to Patois sound clips we can provide you with the perfect voice for your Jamaican voiceover. Through our service you can listen to many different sound clips of different actors speaking Jamaican or Patwa and choose the one that you really need for your production. Our service offers you only highly experienced voice actors that will be able to deliver your voice over in a professional manner. We provide you with;

  • Both male and female artists
  • A full range of ages from children to pensioners
  • All native level speakers
  • Full range of dialects and accents
  • Different delivery styles and sounds

A Full Range of Services for Your Jamaican Voice Over

jamaican patois sound clipsNo matter what sort of media production you are undertaking we have all of the staff and skills that you will need to ensure that it is a complete success. We can provide you with all of the different support services that you may need in addition to providing you with the specific voice that you want to use;

  • Script editing and writing by highly qualified and skilled writers
  • Full translation and localization services for your scripts
  • High quality recording in any format to suit your needs
  • Subtitling and voice dubbing


Choose your smooth voice over from professional female voice over talents.


Find your best male voice in variety of our male voice over demos from professional actors!


Check amazing kids voices from young voice over talents!

We Will Guarantee Your Jamaican Voice Over

jamaican voiceThe only way to grow a successful business is to reliably provide your clients with exactly what they need. This is why we only provide you with services supplied by highly talented, qualified and reliable staff. We hire the best to provide you with the best to ensure that you will always be fully satisfied with every aspect of our professional services whether you need a Chinese or Australian voice over. Through us you get:

  • A full money back guarantee based on your full satisfaction
  • Flexible and quick delivery schedules
  • On time delivery every time
  • Fully confidential services
  • Highly affordable voiceover rates
  • Around the clock support for all of your needs

So if you need the perfect Jamaican voice over or Patois voice over as well a French voice over talent for your ad, corporate video or any other media just get in contact with our experts here online today.

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