How to Create a Professional Voice Over to Attract More Listeners

Radio has reigned supreme for decades when it comes to what car drivers and their passengers listen to while traveling, but nowadays podcasts are rapidly catching up. The permanently connected Internet generation expects to access just the kind of content they want, right when they want it, even audio books are more popular so a lot of people looking for audiobook voice over. This is why you’re going to benefit from creating a podcast voice over to be proud of. Attract huge numbers of visitors when you hire a professional vocal artist online.


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Why You Need a Podcast Narrator

  • Whether you’re releasing your latest novel as an audio series, or you’re an awesome content writer looking to connect with a new side of your target audience, you could benefit from hiring a podcast narrator. Even if you’re completely new to making podcasts, the recording of the show of your dreams couldn’t be easier than when you hire a true professional to breathe life into your words.
  • A scripted narrative approach is a great well to sell a product or idea to a wide-ranging audience that covers a number of demographics. You can take your time to produce a podcast episode that really resonates with your listeners and prospective clients. A professional voice actor can help with this by recording all your narrative segments.
  • If you have guests on your podcast show, much like on the public radio, you can use a narrator to fill in the blanks around the various question and answer sections of your interview. This combination of host, guest and narrator is a very popular approach that seems to work very well in the majority of cases.
  • Narrators add an extra dimension to your podcast, allowing you to maintain your listeners’ interest for as long as possible. Choose a narrator with an engaging tone of voice that fits your criteria perfectly. If there’s even one thing that’s not quite right, change it.

Great Examples of Popular Podcasts

  • To compose a single list of the best podcasts around would be nearly impossible. After all, people have such varied tastes and no one has the same favorites. These 5 podcasts are popular in large part because of their charismatic and engaging approaches.
  • This American Life features a range of stories centered around one main weekly theme. It feels very much like old-fashioned public radio, but in a very good way that listeners seem to enjoy.
  • The Moth is a great choice if you like a good story but don’t have as much time as you’d like to explore all your options. It’s recorded live and on-stage, a brave but ultimately very successful approach.
  • StartUp has a very interesting narrative about starting a new company without actually having any of the requisite knowledge to do so. Although the first episode is a little cheesy, it rapidly improves and will become a favorite before you know it.
  • Fresh Air is Terry Gross’ public radio-style talk show. It’s frequented by many of the biggest names in entertainment, politics and anything else you can imagine.
  • Stuff You Should Know is jam-packed with all kinds of “stuff you should know”, hence the name. There’s a lot to learn from the approach taken here and plenty of vocal artists hold this particular offering in high esteem.


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Useful Tips for Selecting a Voice Over Artist

Recording a voice over for a podcast as well as cartoon voice over is a task that should be performed by a professional that really knows what is expected of them. Consider the top tips here before you choose a narrator to record the voice over for a podcast you want to publish.

  • Choose a vocal professional who clearly has access to the best equipment. No matter how good a person’s voice, the weakest link in the chain is always going to be the kind of equipment used. If a voice artist has invested good money in a proper microphone and all the other audio tools they need, you know they’ll invest their time and effort fully to help you.
  • Pick a voice actor whose tone and delivery fit your podcast’s unique requirements. It’s no good choosing someone whose voice doesn’t match what your audience expects to hear from a podcast occupying such a niche as yours.
  • Select a professional who is willing to review their work and edit portions of it when asked. It would be even better if you could find a vocal artist who can provide constructive feedback about your script. Ultimately, you need to choose someone who conducts themselves like they’ve got real skin in the game.

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Why Choose Us

We are popular with all kinds of podcast authors and have supplied voice talent to a significant number of some of the most entertaining and engaging podcasts around. Consider what we have to offer below and see why we are the number one choice for vocal talent hire online.

  • We provide expertly trained vocal talents of both genders with a wealth of experience in all manner of audio recording styles. Whether you need to take a serious tone or you want a light-hearted, comedic delivery, we have what you need.
  • Our prices are second to none. You simply won’t find a cost-effective solution to all your needs elsewhere. We cut out the middleman and employ our vocal talent directly, meaning that we can afford to drop our rates without sacrificing a drop of quality.
  • We offer a comprehensive customer care guarantee that leaves you fully protected in the unlikely event that you’re unsatisfied with the final product. We will always do everything we can do to make sure you’re completely happy with your voice actor’s work.

Take advantage of our unique access to highly trained voice actors who’ll make sure your podcast voice over really shines. Attract new listeners and keep them interested for far longer when you use an engaging and enthusiastic vocal talent to breathe life into your scripts. We offer a cost-effective solution that’s truly second to none.

Make a real difference to your ratings when you hire professional vocal artists to record your podcast voice over. You’ll reach your full potential before you know it.

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