Where to Find Professional Voice over in Australia

Do You Need Voice over Services in Australia?

Voice overs are used everywhere today from a video style ad on your website through to corporate videos and radio ads. Using poor quality sound however with inexperienced voice artists is rarely going to be effective no matter what you are looking for. Many try to take the cheap route and record their own voice overs using in-house personnel. The results are rarely what you are looking for. If you want a professional voice over in Australia or voice over recording services in Dubai, then you need a professional company like ours to give you the support that you need.


Choose your smooth voice over from professional female voice over talents.


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If you want to create an ad then you need to do it well. Radio advertising can be highly effective in Australia where according to marketing surveys some 77.6% of Australians will listen to the radio each week. Advertising, however, is not cheap. Using one of the better-known stations can cost you many thousands of dollars each week. So you will want to make sure that you present the listener with an ad that is truly going to get the job done.

Our services for voice over online in Australia are highly affordable and offer you the quality that you need. You are not looking for a Chinese voice over. We offer you recording and script writing services that are specifically targeted for an Australian audience no matter what your specific needs may be.

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What Can Our Professional Voice over in Australia Help You With?

Voiceovers are not simply for adverts on the radio. There are many different areas in which you may need a professional voice over for your business. Our services have been around for many years and we are able to offer you a wide range of support that will cover all of the following and more:

  • Radio and online advertising
  • TV advertisements
  • Promotional online videos
  • Corporate videos and presentations
  • Video training
  • Audiobooks
  • Short films and documentaries

If you were wondering if Radio ads are right for your business this from AdImpact may help you to decide:

“Radio advertising is actually a fairly cost effective form of advertising – especially in Perth and in regional areas. TV can be quite expensive, but it is the number one influencer on people’s opinions when it comes to advertising mediums. Print can be very cost effective in the right mediums, but is not as effective. However radio manages to hit the balance between the two very well.”

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No matter what your specific requirements you can be sure that our Australian services have the professional assistance that you will be looking for. We can help you with all aspects of your production to ensure that your presentation will be exactly as you imagine it to be. Through us you will gain help with:

  • Writing the scripts for your voiceovers: we offer a full range of script writing services through staff that fully understand your needs. They work directly with you throughout the writing process to ensure that your voice over will fully meet your needs.
  • Script translation: often you will have existing material that may need translating or localizing for the market that you are targeting. We offer full translating services through our native speaking experts that will be perfect for the Australian audience.
  • High-quality sound recording: many cheap services online will simply have inferior microphones plugged into a laptop. We offer full studio quality recording with modern equipment and software to ensure the sound that you need.
  • Dubbing of Video: from documentaries to promotional shorts we are able to provide you with the support to add your soundtrack. Levels will be perfect to ensure that the sound compliments what the video shows; we can even add subtitles if required.
  • Selection of the right professional voice over artist in Australia: who you get to provide your voiceovers is very important if you want to create the right impression. We work with highly skilled actors that have the delivery that you will be looking for. They are able to pace your text and control their breathing to ensure that your work is presented in the most effective manner. Through us you will be able to select from our team an artist that can be:
    • Any sex
    • All ages from children through to pensioners
    • Many different delivery styles
    • Different regional accents
    • Native level language skills

professional voice over services in australia

Where Can Our Australian Voice over Services Help You?

Our website is accessible from anywhere in Australia night or day to accept your orders. We are able to support you through our professional services in places such as all of the following and many more:

  • Perth
  • Darwin
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide

Why Work with Our Services for a Cheap Voice over in Australia

There is much voice over talent websites in Australia but few are going to offer you the quality of support that we are able to provide you at such a low cost to you. We use our own staff and recording equipment allowing us to provide you with top quality support at a price that is simply not going to break the bank. Not only do you get your services at the most competitive rate in Australia you also benefit from:

  • A quick turnaround on our services: we will always agree to a timeframe at the start of the process with you and always deliver your recordings on time.
  • Unlimited revisions: if you need anything on your recording changing we will make those changes until you are fully satisfied no matter how small.
  • Fully confidential: we never share any of your information elsewhere and will make sure that everything is stored securely for your full protection.
  • Unique help: from script to delivery you can be sure that everything that we provide will be unique to you at all times.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: should be unable to fully meet your satisfaction then we will provide you with a full refund on your service.

Get in touch with our services for professional voice over in Australia today to ensure that your recordings will always be perfect for your purpose.

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