Professional Voice over in UK for You

Why Do You Need Professional Voice over Recording in UK?

Using voice over services in USA is not going to provide you with the right sound for your UK recordings. If you want a professional voice over in UK English then you need to use our services. We are a specialized professional service that can provide you with professional help with your recordings. Using in-house talent for your scripting and sound is rarely effective which is why you will want to engage our team of experts.


Choose your smooth voice over from professional female voice over talents.


Find your best male voice in variety of our male voice over demos from professional actors!


Check amazing kids voices from young voice over talents!

Whether a training video, a presentation for your website or a radio advertisement you will want to put forward a professional image through your media. You want the listener concentrating on your message and not listening to issues with your recording. Radio advertising time is not cheap, but it can be highly effective if done correctly. It is forecast by Statista that companies in the UK will spend over 685 million UK pounds on advertising through the radio alone in 2018.

For your voice over to be effective, it needs to be professionally produced using skilled artists that are experienced at what they do. Simply using the “marketing guy” to narrate your ads is not going to get your message across. Our professional voice over services in UK have been providing support in many areas for several years. Through us, you will get the support that you need at a price that is not to be sneezed at.

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How Can Our Professional Voice over in UK Service Help You?

We offer a full range of professional services designed to help steer you through the many pitfalls of creating your professional voice over. We have a large team of selected individuals that are able to offer you the help that you will need at every stage of your production. With our support you can get help with:

  • Writing the script for your voice over: we employ a team of writers that can help you to create a script for everything from a documentary through to a radio advertisement. All writing is done from scratch according to your own specific needs and will be carefully targeted towards your audience.
  • Translation services: turning your UK ad into an Indian voice over or vice versa will require the skills of our translation and localization team. They will ensure that your voice over will be perfect for the market it is aimed at.
  • Expert recording: we utilize the latest technologies and recording equipment to ensure that your recordings will be perfectly produced and available to you in the format that you require.
  • Dubbing services: we can add your newly created soundtrack to your video perfectly so that everything will be in perfect sync.
  • Provision of the right voice artist: we have a large team of skilled and experienced voice actors that are here to help you. You will be able to listen to sample voice overs and select the right artist for your work. With us you can find an artist that will be:
    • Of any age from pensioners down to school children
    • Of either sex
    • Many regional accents
    • Native speakers
    • Many different styles of delivery

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What Types of Voice Overs Can We Offer?

Our voice over recording services in UK are able to offer you their full support for many different projects. Our help is commonly called on for support with the following areas and many others:

  • Radio advertising
  • Website videos and podcasts
  • Game voiceovers
  • Audiobook readings
  • Corporate video production
  • Training materials

A Look at Some Famous Names Providing Voice over Talent

It is not only “unknowns” that provide the voices for various productions. Some well known UK artists are also well known for their vocal talents:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch: For Pedigree dog food and Jaguar car company.
  • Noel Fielding: Vodafone.
  • Thierry Henry: Renault cars, Nike, and Pepsi.
  • Olivia Colman: Sainsbury’s, Andrex toilet tissue, Airwick and Sky Box Office.
  • Liam Neeson: Tourism Ireland.

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Where Can Our Cheap Voice over in UK English Be Provide?

As an online company whose website can be accessed from anywhere, we can be used from any location within the UK. Our staff is available online to take your order 24/7 as well as being able to answer any query that you may have through either telephone or online. Through our services you can get help in all of the following locations and more:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
  • Norwich

The Benefits of Working with Our Professional Services in the UK for Your Voiceover

We have been providing our services across the UK for many years and have many satisfied clients for all forms of voice work. Through us you have access to some of the best voice talents that you will find online as well as all of the following:

  • Quick work: we will always endeavor to complete your order as quickly as possible and will never miss an agreed deadline with our clients.
  • Competitive rates: There is much voice over companies in UK but few that will be able to match us with both quality and pricing.
  • Confidential: we will never share information about your work and campaigns and are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements.
  • Unique: all of our writing and production will always be totally unique to you. We never plagiarize other people’s work.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed: if we cannot resolve any issues you may have with our services then we will provide you with a refund.

Make your professional voice over in UK English stand out and impress your intended audience by engaging our highly professional and affordable services.

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      Thank you for getting this new recording to me. Really appreciate your help.
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      I have referred you to several of our other friends in the business as well. We appreciate how you have handled all of our issues and needs.

      The voice over sounded really great, exactly how I wanted it sound and very professional. Thank you!

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      Thank you for the recording! Really fast, but awesome quality!:)

      Yes, order is complete and I am very satisfied, well done!Thank You so much!
      PAUL, USA

      Excellent job, I am very happy with the work. My thanks to the young lady for a job well done. I will likely need your service again in the near future!


      Looks good! Thanks for such a fast service. We will deal with you again.
      WENDY, USA

      Well done! Thank you very much.

      All of Richards VOs are fantastic, especially the Anton one. Please let him know his change in accent is fantastic and much appreciated. We have no changes for him!

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