Where to Find Professional Voice Over Services in Malaysia

Do You Need a Professional Voice Over Artist in Malaysia?

Creating a voice over is not a simple task as many believe it to be. Many companies try and fail to do the work themselves and then will turn to professional voice over services in Malaysia or a Spanish voice over such as ours. We fully understand the full process of producing an excellent and effective sound recording and will work with you on your project to ensure that it is finished perfectly and to your satisfaction.


Choose your smooth voice over from professional female voice over talents.


Find your best male voice in variety of our male voice over demos from professional actors!


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According to Commercial Radio Malaysia, the radio is listened to by over 95% of the population with the average listener spending 14 and a half hours each week. So it is not surprising that a quarter of all advertising monies are spent on radio ads. However, making your advert effective is not as simple as just speaking into the mike and hoping people will listen.

Radio ads are just one area that our services for voice over online in Malaysia can support you. We have been providing voiceover services to the company for many years. Your recording will be very different to a professional voice over in UK English targeted for that market. Our services fully understand the Malaysian market and the different languages that are spoken within it.

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What Can Our Professional Voice over Services in Malaysia Offer You?

We are a one-stop shop for all of your recording needs. Our professional staff works directly with you right from the moment you make your first inquiry to discover exactly what you will need. Our staff is able to support you in all aspects of your project including all of this:

  • The writing of your scripts: an effective script is not always something that is easy to write. Our postgraduate degree qualified and highly experienced writers will be able to provide you with an effective script that will fully meet all of your needs.
  • Translation and localization: adapting your scripts to the different groups and languages within the country is not simple. Yet it is something that you will need to consider if you are not to exclude a large percentage of the population. This is an area that we can provide you with expert help in using native level speakers with many years of experience.
  • Top quality recording: a professional voice over in Malaysia is not something that is achieved with a cheap microphone attached to a laptop. We offer professional recording using modern equipment and are able to supply your final recordings in any format you need.
  • Dubbing: having your media in sync is very important. Our experts can match your audio and visual portions perfectly as well as also providing things such as subtitling.
  • Provision of excellent Malaysian voice talents: we can provide you with a wide range of voice actors from which you can select. They cover many different dialects and languages and have a full range of delivery styles allowing you to select the perfect sound for your voiceover.

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What Forms of Voice overs Can Our Specialized Services Provide for You?

Our professional voice over recording services in Malaysia is able to offer you support in many different areas using staff that is highly experienced. We will always match our experts to your project to ensure a full understanding of your requirements. Through our help you can get support for the following projects and more:

  • Video gaming voiceovers
  • Radio ads
  • TV commercials
  • Short films, cartoons or documentaries
  • Audiobooks
  • Company videos
  • Media for websites and podcasts
  • Training and presentations

Where Can We Provide Your Support within Malaysia?

We offer assistance throughout the entire country. Simply complete the order form on our site which you will be able to access 24/7 from anywhere within the country and beyond. Our specialist services can provide you with help in all of the following:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Johor Bahru
  • Ipoh
  • George Town of Penang
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Malacca City

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The Benefits of Working with Our Professionals

If you want a cheap voice over in Malaysia from a company whose quality you can trust then look no further than our professional services. We aim for your full satisfaction at all times. After all, our recording services are seeking for you to keep on coming back for our help. We work hard with you through some of the top professionals in this industry to gain the best results. Through our services you are going to benefit from:

  • Fully confidential services: we never disclose information about your projects or who we work with and are happy to sign an NDA or similar document if required.
  • Quick work: we always endeavor to have our projects finished as quickly as possible and will never miss any agreed deadline with you.
  • Highly affordable: we know that this a highly price conscious area and provide our services at a price that is highly competitive for the quality of our recordings.
  • Original work: we will never copy anything. Any script is provided with a plagiarism report and work is guaranteed to be unique.
  • Total satisfaction: if you have any issues with our services and we are unable to resolve them we will refund your money.

Make our professional voice over services in Malaysia your chosen partner for all of your recording and scripting needs and work with the best every time.

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      Thank you for getting this new recording to me. Really appreciate your help.
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      The voice over sounded really great, exactly how I wanted it sound and very professional. Thank you!

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      Thank you for the recording! Really fast, but awesome quality!:)

      Yes, order is complete and I am very satisfied, well done!Thank You so much!
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      Excellent job, I am very happy with the work. My thanks to the young lady for a job well done. I will likely need your service again in the near future!


      Looks good! Thanks for such a fast service. We will deal with you again.
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      Well done! Thank you very much.

      All of Richards VOs are fantastic, especially the Anton one. Please let him know his change in accent is fantastic and much appreciated. We have no changes for him!

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