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Do You Need Support with a Professional Voice over in Singapore?

Not many people realize that the first voice over was in 1900 reporting on the weather by Reginald Fessenden. Most people accredit the start of the voice over industry with Walt Disney when he provided the voice for Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie in 1928. Voiceovers originally were very much behind the scenes but nowadays you have actors lining up to be in cartoon films such as Frozen or Beauty and the beast. Using professional voice over services in Malaysia or producing a  is very different to working in Singapore.


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Professional voice over services in Singapore, however, is very much more focused on more commercial enterprises such as advertising and corporate productions. Many companies, however, try to save money by having their voiceovers done in-house. This is often a mistake. Most people do not speak well into a microphone and lack the talent to produce something that will be effective. While anyone can create an audio recording with a mic and a computer few can get the quality that is required to make something that is worthy of using as an advert. This is why you will need our voice over studio in Singapore and our professional team of actors.

Our services are fully specialized in providing services for the voice over market within Singapore and know what works and what does not. Through us, you can get all of the professional support that you would need with creating an effective voice over.

How Can Our Professional Voice over Services in Singapore Help You?

There are several sides to the voice over services that we provide through our company in Singapore. We work directly with you to fully understand just what help that you need. We are able to support the creation of voice overs, such as German voice over, for all of the following:

  • Advertising on radio and internet
  • Introductory videos on websites
  • Corporate videos
  • Training and instructional disks and videos
  • Games
  • Short films and cartoons
  • Audiobooks

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We offer a full-service offering for all of the voice overs that we help with and can tailor our help according to your own specific requirements. We can support you through the whole process of production from start to finish or help with just individual portions. Our support can cover all of the following and more:

  • Writing the voiceover scripts: our team of writers has the skills and experience required within your field to produce an excellent script. They work with you to produce a script that will reflect your precise needs and all of their writing is always done totally from scratch.
  • Selecting your voice talent: we can help you to select the right voice actor with the right characteristics for your recording. Through us, you can review samples from actors of all ages and dialects that have the precise language skills that you need.
  • Translation support: having your scripts translated and localized for a specific group can be very effective and is why we offer you the services of our translation team.
  • Quality recording support: through our voice over studio in Singapore you can be assured that your recording will be completed using state of the art equipment and delivered to you in the format that you are looking for.
  • Video services: dubbing your media with your new soundtrack and even adding subtitles are all services that you can be provided with our professional help.

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Dos and Don’ts for Your Voiceovers

The following are some areas that you must always carefully consider when doing your voice over if you want it to be effective:

  • Have a clear understanding of what your audience is looking for.
  • Ensure that your script is understandable to your audience.
  • Select an artist that has an understandable accent.
  • Ensure that breathing and pacing are correct for your purpose.
  • Do recordings in a quiet area without background sounds.
  • Use quality recording equipment.
  • Do not use an artist with a hard to understand accent or dialect.
  • Avoid heavy breathing and other sounds when recording.
  • Don’t use acronyms and difficult language within your script

Most importantly: use a professional company such as ours to ensure that you get quality results that you can be proud of.

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Why Choose Us for Your Voice over Online in Singapore?

Not only do we provide the best voice over actors in Singapore we also provide you with some of the best professional support that you will find anywhere. We don’t just offer a cheap voice over in Singapore that will suit your budget, we also provide a level of quality that you will be hard pressed to match anywhere else. While the price may be a significant driver for your decisions you need to consider the quality of help that we guarantee to provide. Through us you will benefit from:

  • Unlimited changes: if there is anything that you are not happy with we will happily rework the recording or script until you are fully satisfied.
  • Guaranteed to be delivered on time: we always complete our voiceovers as quickly as possible and will never fail to meet a deadline.
  • Unique: we never copy or plagiarize and our scripts will be provided with a full plagiarism report to show that work is original to you.
  • Confidential: we know the importance of your intellectual property and will take every step to protect your information fully.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: if you have any issues and we are unable to resolve them to your full satisfaction then we will refund your purchase.

Make your project run smoothly with our affordable and professional voice over services in Singapore that can supply you with the talent and quality recording that you need.

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