Corporate Promo Video with Voice Over for a Soccer Club

Soccer is a global sport that’s growing rapidly in popularity. If you’re running a club that could do with a few more supporters in the crowds, put together a professional looking corporate promo video to attract the masses. Whether you need financial backing from investors or you want to boost revenues at the turnstiles, a slick video with a professional voice over narration is the way to go. Consider the benefits of doing so below.


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Why You Need a Corporate Promotional Video

It might seem strange to think that you need a corporate promotional video to promote a soccer club, a venture that’s supposed to be about far more than mere money. However, smaller clubs who lack the exposure granted by their presence in the MLS or the English Premier League could really do with some extra promotion. Automated voicemail greeting is a great way to attract attention of your fans. Consider the reasons below for adding a voice over to your soccer club promo video.

  • Visual communication is not the only way to engage your potential fans and investors and your video won’t attract the right people without any kind of additional sensory stimulus. Just watch any commercial with the sound off and you’ll appreciate what some vocals can bring to the party.
  • The proper application of a vocal sound track will turn passive viewers into active participants in your club’s future. Draw them in with the spoken word and watch your revenue rise and your stadium fill up. You’d be surprised what a vocal call of action can do alongside a creative and inspiring video sequence.
  • A professional vocal artist will help you to convert hesitant fence sitters into real fans that genuinely have skin in the game whether as investors, sponsors or ordinary spectators.
  • As the average viewer watches your commercial, they will naturally start to think about what you have on offer. Use a voice over to highlight the advantages of being a part of your soccer club and answer your viewers’ most pressing issues.
  • People associate themselves with a sports club for a number of reasons, ranging from a desire to be a part of the local community to a need to be connected to the prestige of a successful team. Hire a top vocal performer and you’ll prove to your viewers that your club is the place to be.

corporate promo video with voice overHow We Can Help You

We have gathered together a plethora of different voice actors who’ve worked in all kinds of industry sectors. Our professional service possess a number of unique properties that you simply won’t find elsewhere. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to include a smooth and engaging voice in your soccer club promo video, we can help you achieve your goals.

  • We employ male and female vocal professionals of all ages, including children. Finding someone who matches your club’s needs couldn’t be easier.
  • We don’t believe in sacrificing substance for the sake of style. We have no interest in gimmicks meant to draw you in on false pretences. Instead, we focus on providing a rock-solid service that supplies the best voice over professionals in the business at affordable rates.
  • We liaise with our uniquely talented vocal artists directly and on a permanent basis so you can employ anyone you see on our website quickly and easily.
  • Every one of our voice over professionals must undertake a rigorous set of tests to prove their worth. Only the finest vocal artists make it through this arduous process to become a fully fledged member of our exclusive team.
  • Our 24/7 technical support team works hard to guarantee a satisfactory response to any question you might have before, during and after the hiring process.
  • We are happy to work with any client. Although we have worked with several larger clubs in the past, we would love to work with smaller and even newly founded soccer clubs in order to help you reach your goals without breaking the bank. You’ll find our rates to be attractive regardless of your club’s budget.
  • We provide a 100% guarantee that fully secures your rights as a customer. Though it’s highly unlikely, if you’re unhappy with the product you get, we’ll do everything in our power to rectify the issue.

Adapt the usual corporate promo video style to suit your soccer club ad and you’ll attract the right people. Encourage local spectators, moneyed investors and big-time sponsors to get involved with your club by using a professional voice actor to narrate your promotional videos. The right vocal call to action can make a huge difference to your club’s future. Think over a high quality company promo video and make your choice. 


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Sample Script

Do you want to play soccer for a local club? Oxbridge United is the team for you. We’ve got a fantastic set of players with lots of experience. We’ve won back to back titles for two years in a row now. Be a part of of something truly great when you try out for Oxbridge United. Even if you hung up your boots long ago and your playing days are long behind you, why not join in the fun anyway? Come and take a pew in the stands and become the 12th player on the team with the rest of the crowd. Don’t be an armchair supporter: get behind your local team at the Winchester Road ground.

Boost your club’s fortunes by making the most of your chance to make a corporate promo video. Hire a professional voice over artist and you’ll be miles ahead of your rivals.


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