Steps In Voice Over Production

The process of voice over production

voice over productionGetting a high quality voice over recording is a complicated process overall, but the process itself can be broken down into a few easy sounding steps:

  • Writing the script. Producing a script that says what you want it to in the way you want it to.
  • Selecting the type of voice. Considering and settling on the type of voice that will best get your message across.
  • Finding and hiring the artist to match the desired voice
  • Record the script using the selected artist
  • Edit the recording to obtain the finished process
  • Problems encountered in voice over production


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When broken down into the above steps making a voice over recording appears to be a straight forward and easy process. However every step has numerous pitfalls and difficulties associated with it. In writing a script you are targeting a specific audience and every word counts in eliciting the desired response. It is a specialized enough field that many writers do nothing but script work. Selecting the proper cheap voice overs to deliver your script is an art in itself. You will know what you want your script to do, and what reaction to it is desired, but what voice is best suited to obtain the reaction you want. Finding the artist who performs with the voice you want and who can be easily worked with can be very time consuming and difficult. With script and voice over artist in place, a recording studio with the equipment needed must be located and hired. The easy sounding steps may soon become a journey that seems to never end.


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There’s a lot more work that goes into voiceover production than you might at first realize. There are several steps involved and it’s about much more than just choosing a voice artist.

Writing a Voiceover Script

Before you even start looking for someone to record your commercial or whatever else you have in mind, you need to write the script. It needs to have all the right content to attract your target audience most efficiently.

Choosing a Vocal Type

Once your script is ready, you need to decide on which type of voice to use for your project. There are all kinds of voiceover niches from funny ones to serious documentary style ones, and choosing the right one for your particular requirements takes plenty of attention to detail.

Hiring a Vocal Talent

Hiring a voiceover artist gets easier once you’ve got a script and a particular vocal type in mind. Take a look at feedback from other clients as well as looking at past experience and you’ll find precisely the right person for the job.

Recording Your Script

Your voiceover artist will use a professional studio environment to record your script. You’ll quickly see all the pieces fall into place as they work their magic.

Editing Your Recording

Once the initial recording is finished, there’ll be an extensive editing process that removes all the kinks and flaws in the original piece of work. If necessary, your voiceover artist will record some pieces again. This is a normal and even expected part of the recording process. After this has been done properly, your recording will be ready for use.

Simplifying the process of voice over production

One one the greatest part of explainer voice over production is the killer script that is sometimes hard to come up with. Producing a high-quality voice over recording can be made much easier by turning to a company such as ours that will handle every step of the process. We have professional script writers who can work with you editing your script or write an original script to your specifications. After conferring with you to find out the purpose and goal of your voice over, we will be able to determine the best type of voice to deliver the voice over, and we have a huge selection of artists to choose from. Finding the correct artist is assured when using our company. With the latest in digital recording technology and qualified, experienced engineers overseeing the process, the best quality sound can be obtained. As part of our service we have an easy online ordering process and customer support that you may call on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our voice over recording services are available at very affordable rates, making contacting us the only step you need take for your voice over production needs. We also highly recommend to follow our voice acting tips.

We guarantee not only that you will receive a voice over recording that will satisfy your needs, but also that we will deliver on time.

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