Short Promotional Video for a Technology Company

If you’ve just developed a revolutionary, new product within the technology sector, you already know about the importance of promotional video production to show off your accomplishments. Customers will only flock to the store to buy your product if they feel enthused and inspired by your video. The easiest way to achieve this effect is to hire a voice actor or a voicemail lady to add their silky tones over the top of your production. Consider the benefits of doing so below.


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Five Reasons to Add a Voice to Your Promotional Marketing Video

Any promotional marketing video worth its salt has a professionally recorded voice over track to supplement its visual messages. As you know, you have to go the extra mile when it comes to dealing with technology consumers. Take the five benefits of video narration into account before you choose a top notch voice actor from our vast range.

  • When you use a narrator in your promotional video technology company growth is almost guaranteed. Using spoken forms of communication as well as the visual kind will definitely pique your viewers’ interest. If your video doesn’t attract them on its own, then a professional vocal track laid over the top of it just might.
  • A top voice over artist will add some spice to your video, turning passive viewers into active customers. Watch your conversion rates boom when you add a decent call of action and a proper narrative to your visual content. Compare any given ad with the sound off on versus when it’s turned right up, and you’ll notice the difference yourself.
  • Using a vocal track on top of your visual and textual prompts gives your viewers another means by which to receive your message. In fact, you can multiply the amount of information you transmit by using different methods. Make your call to action audible and you’ll convert far more prospective customers into repeat clients.
  • As the average viewer watches your commercial, they will naturally start to think about what you have on offer. Most people come up with the same old questions as they watch a given commercial, so you should use this time wisely. You can use a voice over to answer the most commonly arising queries.
  • When purchasing expensive technology, your customer wants to be able to trust you. This is true to the point that people buy established brands sometimes only for the reason that they feel they can trust them. The right voice can help give you a trustworthy vibe and start building the right relationships with potential customers.

short promotional video for a tech company

Why Choose Our Service

When developing a high-quality promotional video technology company owners have to make a number of important decisions. Consumers in the technology market generally fit into two categories, the loyal and the fickle. As such, you want to be able to attract trusting customers who’ll buy from you time and time again as well as drawing in those who might go elsewhere if you slack off. Consider the benefits of our services and grow your client base.

  • We hire our superb voice talents directly so if there’s someone specific you like the sound of, you can employ them quickly and easily.
  • In order to make it onto our esteemed team, every prospective voice actor is thoroughly tested, thus ensuring only the best make the grade.
  • We can deal with issues that might arise at any point during the production process as our support team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We provide an all-inclusive customer care guarantee. In the unlikely event that you’re unsatisfied with the vocal track you receive, we will do our best to put things right.
  • We offer a range of voices from both genders, meaning that you’ll definitely find a voice that matches your preferences. Browse our free samples to see for yourself.
  • We don’t spend too much time on tooting our own horn only to promote a sub-standard service. Instead, we focus on getting you access to the best voice over professionals in the business.
  • Our focus is on helping small businesses to fulfil their mission objectives so we offer affordable rates that are suitable for any company’s budget.

You don’t have much time to convince your esteemed customers to purchase your products when you’ve made a short promotional video. You have to make an impact and fast if you want to meet your sales objectives and build a real relationship with your target audience. Technology is big business and you have to get things right first time. Using a professional voice over is the best way to add that much-needed star quality to your video.


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Sample Script:

What is technology and what can it do for us? How far can we go with it? If we use it right, technology could be powerful enough to unite us all. It inspires us to make great leaps into the future and it takes us places we could only dream of. We can give hope to the hopeless and gift a voice to those who are never heard. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest technology: be a part of the future. In fact, use this revolutionary next-generation smart device from Denholm Industries and forge a path into the unknown.

Get straight to the point and show your customers what you stand for by making a short promotional video. Hire a professional voice over artist and boost your bottom line.

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