Voice Over Actor Andrew

Nickname : Andrew
Age : 27
Country : USA
Exptertise : Enthusiastic voice with special experience and expertise in EBook narration and custom narration and voice overs.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

Every voiceover artist has their own specialty and thing that they bring to their work, and for me this specialty is exuberance and youthfulness. I can handle any kind of English male voice over work and do a great job for you, and the thing that I do best is to bring something to life in a more tangible way than others can. The reason I have lots of experience and credits in EBook narration is because I can take something that is often more bare, like EBook text, and really add something to it that makes it more digestible and enjoyable for the person experiencing it. I’ve also done commercials for several local and even national companies, often for products and services that people are trying to get people excited about, because getting people excited is what my voice is built for! There’s no narration that I can’t do a great job with, so if you send me a script you’re sure to be pleased with the results and the voiceover that you get back!


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