Voice Over Actor Dan

Nickname : Dan
Age : 11
Country : USA
Exptertise : Hire for a child voice over who’s worked on different projects, from character narration to commercial voice over and custom voice overs.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

My name is Dan, I’m 11 years old, and I’m from Lansing, Michigan. I like doing voice work very much and I’ve been doing it for more than two years now. I’ve done commercials for a few different products and companies, and I voiced a child in a local television show as well. I like the voice work because it allows me to step into someone else’s shoes and to get into something that I might not otherwise know or experience. I want to keep doing voice work for a long time. I can do a lot of different things in my kids voice over work. I can be really excited and happy, or I can be more serious and dramatic, it all depends on what you need for your project. Whatever it is, if you need a kids voice over then you can count on me to do a good job. I’ve worked on a lot of different things and would like to add to resume, or to do things that I’ve already done, either way I’ll bring my best!


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