Voice Over Actor Derrick

Nickname : Derrick
Age : 36
Country : USA
Exptertise : A precise and clear male voice who specializes in book narration but can handle any custom voiceover.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

The thing I focus on with all of my voiceover work is precision and professionalism. Some people specialize in wilder and more unconventional voices, but what I like to do is provide you with the concise and fully professional male voice that you’re looking for to present your service, product, or work in the most high quality and reliable way possible. This is why I specialize in book narration, because I can summon the range that people are looking for while also delivering the consummately professional voiceover that they need. If you want to get content that’s easily understandable and delivered with professional precision from a male voice over actor you can trust then I’m your man. I’ve worked on countless different projects and have been doing voiceover work for nearly ten years now, everything from book narration to commercials and have even narrated for independent films. My wide range of experience, and my precision and professionalism, make me your man for anything that you need, and with me you can always trust that you’re getting the highest quality narration and results.


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