Voice Over Actor Duke

Nickname : Duke
Age : 14
Country : UK
Exptertise : A teenage voice over artist with lots of knowledge and experience, including in video games, commercials, and narration.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

I’m Duke and I’m from Manchester, England. I’ve now been doing voice over work for several years, and look forward to continue doing this as a career. I really like to do my kid voice over work. It affords me with a lot of different and great opportunities, it’s a learning experience, and I like to bring my excitement and passion to new and interesting projects. For the years that I’ve been doing voice over work I’ve now encountered quite a bit of work. I voiced a narrator in both an independent video game and film, and I’ve done the voices for multiple commercials. I’ve also appeared as an actor in commercials as well. These were all great experiences and allowed me to learn how to use my voice and grow my range. Now that I’m a teenage voice over artist I still look forward to all my tasks and to bringing my absolute best to everything that I do. I can bring an exciting and enjoyable voice to your task as well whatever you need!


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