Voice Over Actor James

Nickname : James
Age : 31
Country : USA
Exptertise : Specialization in commercials and audiobook narrations.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

When you figure out that you’ve got a male voice that sounds official, strong, and clear, and that people are gravitated to, then a career in voice over and narration comes naturally, and that’s exactly what happened to me! In high school people always used to come to me for my voice in projects and videos, this continued in college, and finally I decided to just go for it in my career. Throughout this career as a male voice over artist, which I’ve been doing for nearly ten years now, I’ve narrated everything from voice over commercials to independent films to audiobooks. I’ve got a consistent voice, one that can vary and range pretty well if you need something more versatile like for an audiobook, and also that can stay clear and enthusiastic if you need a voice to promote your product or something commercial. I have to say that I really love narration, it’s something that I’m enthusiastic about and that I get excited over no matter the project. Bring your project to me, whatever it may be, and I’ll get you the high quality and enthusiasm that you want to get the most out of it.


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