Voice Over Actress Dorothy

Nickname : Dorothy
Age : 42
Country : Ireland
Exptertise : Precise voice with a foreign twist that can do a great job with narration and commercials, and custom voice overs.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

Born and raised in Ireland, the strength of my voice was something that I often got comments and praise on. Not singing, but speaking. One of my greatest strengths was delivering speeches, and I ended up taking many classes in college on public speaking and always getting A’s. I learned English over twenty years ago, and I became aware that business, writers, website owners, and many other people like to have their narration and female voice overs completed with a foreign accent, so 5 years ago I began doing voice over narration and I’ve been doing it ever since. With my specialty of having a foreign accent while still delivering any content with the clarity and passion that businesses and writers alike are looking for I’ve done narration and female voice over UK for commercials, EBooks, and even for videos and movies. I bring a sophisticated and conciseness to my voice over work, but I also make sure that it’s not stale and that my voice is always lively and varying so as to be entertaining and draw people in. Whatever the task, I can do a great job!


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