Voice Over Actress Ellen

Nickname : Ellen
Age : 35
Country : USA
Exptertise : Experienced female voice over talent who’s worked on voicemail voice overs, EBook voice overs and commercial narration.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

I’ve from the USA and I’ve been working on female voice overs as a side job for almost ten years now. Over this timespan I’ve also done acting, and I’ve worked on countless different projects for companies, writers and directors alike. My specialty is doing EBook voice overs, whether you want someone to narrate an EBook for you or to put narration into a certain portion of the file. I’ve done the same with filming, and have even done voice acting for certain animated programs. I love doing voice over work, and I like being allowed to express my range and passion with the different projects that I receive. When I get a project I don’t simply do it, I make sure that I’m fully prepared and that I bring all the exuberance and passion that you expect when you hire me! My voice is controlled and wide ranging, and I can do basically any kind of female voice over that you are looking for. Send in a script and let me give you my best!


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