Voice Over Actress Jennifer

Nickname : Jennifer
Age : 31
Country : USA
Exptertise : Knowledge in video game voice overs, custom voice overs and commercials.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

I was born in San Diego, California, and I’ve lived in California for my whole life. I was an actress for a long time, and I got a few decent credits on television and in movies, but recently I decided to move into female voice overs as well. One thing that directors always liked was my voice. I’ve got good range in my speaking voice, and can affect many different emotions and reach different pitches and levels. I haven’t been doing voice over work for too long, but in over a year I’ve already got some great experience as a voice for some small products, and due to my acting experience I got to work on a video game voiceover as well. All of my experience so far has helped me grow and now I can handle any kind of female voice over work that you might need help with. I like to bring exceptional passion to each project that I receive, so that I always get great reviews form my customers. Send me a script and let me breathe more life into your project today!


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