Voice Over Actress Kate

Nickname : Kate
Age : 31
Country : UK
Exptertise : Professional female voice over UK with knowledge and experience in video game voice overs and EBooks.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

I’m born and raised in England, in the city of London. Using my voice to get into the voice over and narration industry and becoming a female voice over artist had long been a dream of mine, and a few years ago this was accomplished when I got a job at CheapVoiceOver.biz. Since my tenure at this company I’ve already accumulated some great experience, and I’m happy to say that all of my clients have been happy with my work. A few examples of what I’ve done include fiction EBook narration, where I’ve had to assume various different voices and affectations, and multiple commercials, and even a couple of video game characters! I’ve greatly enjoyed each task that I’ve gotten, and I look forward to the chance to bring a tangible passion and excitement to your voice over task, whatever it may be. I can handle any voice over, and I’ll always bring my best. I’m excited to grow further in this industry and I hope that I can get your business and help you accomplish your goals as well!


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