Voice Over Actress Kristy

Nickname : Kristy
Age : 21
Country : USA
Exptertise : Clear and exciting voice overs in commercials, narration, and custom voice overs.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

I’m Kristy, I’m 21 years old, and I’m from Miami, Florida. I did acting as a child for different television shows and even for a few movies, and after graduating high school I decided, instead of acting, to use my voice and enter the voice over industry. Since then I’ve got work in several different fields for everything from commercials to narration. My favorite job was as a narrator for a small independent film that took place in Florida. But whatever the project, you can count on me to bring the same passion and success that I’ve had with other jobs. The reason I think you should go with me instead of other female voice over artists is that I like to really bring something unique, and to bring real life, to all the projects and voice overs that I get. I can affect different emotions and different tones, ranges, and speeds, so whatever you need just let me know and I can give it to you perfectly. Send me a script and let me work on it and I’ll get you the results you want!


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