Voice Over Actress Liza

Nickname : Liza
Age : 32
Country : USA
Exptertise : Worked in everything from video game voice overs to EBook voice overs and custom voice overs.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

I was born in New York City, the place the center of commercialism and advertising in the world, and I was always enraptured by the voices that I would hear in commercials. This became inspiration for me to become a female voiceover artist myself, and with CheapVoiceOver.biz I’ve taken that leap. I’ve worked to get my voice to the place where I can represent anyone and do any kind of work that’s needed. The thing I’ve got the most experience with is EBook voice overs, and I like the precision and professionalism that comes with doing this kind of work. I’ve already worked on a video game for an independent studio and have narrated multiple EBooks, and my customers have always been pleased with the results. I pride myself on bringing a balance of both great enthusiasm and life to these projects as well as professionalism and conciseness. If you want someone that can do something unique for your project, but can also bring the level of professionalism and reliability that comes with it, then I’m the female voice for you!


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